• 25/04/2024 11:07

Argentina transferred two helicopters to Ukraine, – FT

Newly elected Argentine President Javier Miley handed over two helicopters to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via the Financial Times.

According to the data, Miley gives priority to alliances with “freedom-denying countries,” including the USA, Israel, What wine was given to Ukraine at the beginning of this month, what wine was given by two military helicopters of Russian production.

Financial Times does not inform which guintocril itself will be transferred to Ukraine no, we can only guess that it was just like yesterday There has been information that Argentina has little intention of transferring to Ukraine two rich Mi-171E helicopters, which were previously used in Russia.

What is known about the Mi-171E

Rich gel Mi-171E helicopter a modernized modification of the Mi-8 helicopter. We have installed a modernized power plant and a screw that is made from carbon materials. A composite propeller, which can greatly enhance the characteristics of the helicopter, is therefore lighter than a traditional propeller.

It appears that the Mi-171E can carry up to five tons in the vantage cab or a little more than a little five tons on the external suspension. The vehicle's range is 850 km.

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