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As a side note, pay the military and punishment for the swindlers. What will the new law on mobilization be like?

The great bill on mobilization began to be examined at the session hall of the Verkhovna Rada. It turns out that in just a couple of days, before the end of the year, the law will be praised.

About the key changes and about those in which the document was prepared before another reading, see the material from RBC-Ukraine.

< p>During the preparation of the material, the following was reviewed: the text of bill No. 10449, supporting documents, information from the Telegram channels of people’s deputies Oleksia Goncharenko and Yaroslav Zheleznyak, comments from members of the committee of nutrition of the national security, defense and intelligence of the Federal Security Service Dora Venislavsky and Egor Chernev.

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  • What you know about the procedure and how to respect the law
  • Mobilization summary: what can change
  • < li>Submissions for release and demobilization

  • No more string service. What will replace it
  • How to set up an electronic office quickly
  • What kind of exchanges are prepared for fighters
  • What’s new in armored food
  • Motivational package and other norms

What is known about the procedure and if we praise the law

The Supreme Committee for the nutrition of national security, defense and intelligence just yesterday, 9th quarter, having completed its work on edits. And today's review from another reader.

Moreover, this is not the final version. The Committee further recommends that you accept or make adjustments, so that they can be accepted by the session hall. So, in the final analysis, the law on mobilization will appear after voting as a whole.

Looking at the equalization table, about 4,300 amendments were submitted to the project. Divide the stench into two groups:

  • authorized by the committee and recommended before another reading – 31 edits

  • vidhileni – 4263 edits

The equal table has over 1600 pages. It is planned that the review will evolve with some additional edits. And the authors have the opportunity to put their skin to voting. If an edit receives 226+ votes, it becomes invalid. People's Deputy of the “Voice” Yaroslav Zheleznyak is not enough to believe in a positive result, but the amendments will still be put to a vote.

“And how many colleagues are already publicly dissatisfied with the decisions of the committee, they will put a lot “, – wrote Vіn on Telegram.

The meeting can continue until late in the evening or until night, after which it will be adjourned until the morning of the 11th quarter. And as soon as you can go through the process of editing, you will see people praising the committee.

There is more intrigue here, because if such an edit can be put up for confirmation. In order for it to be lost, the edit may gain 226+ votes. Otherwise, you will be able to switch to the updated status and the text will be rotated to the edition of the first reading. To the one who has paid for everything, everything will be sorted out tomorrow itself.

Add-on for mobility: what can be changed

At the same time, the add-on is given to those who have been booked, persons with disabilities, who are temporarily unavailable before serving in the health camp (for lines 6-12 months), and also rich fathers, In addition to those who may be obligated to pay alimony, their fathers are the same. This advice should be given to fathers and guardians of children with disabilities, orphans until the age of 18, who are constantly looking after their sick friend, child, father and mother, etc.

Because of the concern of military doctors who look after their relatives, it is recommended to give an extra line to those who have a friend (person) with a disability of the first or second group. And also the III group due to the presence of endings, one of the child’s organs or cancer, mental illness, mental illness or for the presence of children under 18 years of age.

The right to a sub-line is granted if any military liability is required by one of his fathers with disabilities in the 1st or 2nd group. Or one of the fathers of the squad (the man), as there are no other non-obligatory features that are required by law to suppress them. Also, the line can be removed by members of the family with a disability of the 1st or 2nd group of another level of diversity, since members of the same family of the first level of diversity cannot see it.

Likewise Also, the line goes to the Ministry of Ministries , people's deputies, judges, diplomats and other government officials.

Mobilization is also not suitable for full-time or part-time students. The head of the mind is the rhubarb of illumination, which comes before the withdrawal. This category also includes doctoral students and those who are insured before their internship.

It is noteworthy that the Cabinet of Ministers submitted a bill against the norm that allowed the mobility of graduate students in-contract workers. The Committee strives for excellence.

“The Ministry simply informed us that we are carrying out a review, and that people are really moving to a scientific level, and that they simply paid a pittance to revoke the right to a promotion,” committee member Fedir Venislavsky told the committee, clarifying that another, third thing would be created. Please note that we do not grant the right to construction.< /em>

Mobilizations are not supported by those whose close relatives, involved in the ATO and entering the stream of military aggression of Russia (during the war period), died and went without isti. And also close relatives of the people who posthumously withdrew the title of Hero of Ukraine for their contributions to the Revolution of Gidnost.

Vynyatkovo can mobilize for the banya:

  • persons with disabilities (for military service under contract)

  • Educated from the Russian Federation

  • Vyskovozobov 'Yazans up to 25 years of age (requirement to undergo basic training or military service)

Submissions for release and demobilization

The bill also introduces new criteria for release from military service. Of course, those who have been in the Russian army (not voluntarily) or have lost their disability will be able to get free.

Similarly, the person who is imprisoned by the judge and convicted by a people's deputy will be able to stand up. According to the decisions of the military personnel, it is possible to recruit generals and those who, in the hour of war, will merge the terms of the contract.

Military servicewomen may be available in connection with pregnancy, at liberty to supervise children, as well as men or women for children under 18 years of age, who may otherwise serve. Rich people and fathers can also get married, just like that. Here, the norms are in conflict with the diversity of individuals who may have the right to be included in the family situation.

What is happening with demobilization, then, as Venislavsky said in a commentary for RBC-Ukraine, the norm about the Extension of services through 36 months were turned off for the death of Defense Minister Rustem Umerov.

“The committee and the proposal of the Ministry of Defense supporting and feeding demobilization from the draft law was excluded,” he said and added that in the final provisions the draft on rotation and demobilization could be submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers izatsiya.

More without string services What will replace her?

The bill proposes to cover the line service. Instead, basic military service is introduced with the term 5 (in peacetime) and 3 (in wartime) months. Ukrainians up to 24 years of age can withdraw the period of basic service.

In addition, basic legal training will be introduced. By 2025, it will become an element of development in initial deposits, carried out in all forms of power. Moreover, for boys it is obligatory, for girls it is voluntary. Then it becomes possible to specialize in military fields and take on military-related diseases.

In a Bereznevo interview with RBC-Ukraine, Venislavsky spoke about the conceptual acceptance of the fact that 18-25-year-old Ukrainians can undergo basic service and training. Otherwise, they will be invited to the elections, after which they will be given the status of military conspirators. Before basic training, a military department is required.

“It is also expected that all government officials, all police officers, prosecutors, perhaps, and even judges can undergo basic military training. in preparation” – voicing the people's deputy.

Significantly, demobilization of military personnel began last year. It turns out that around 7,000 individuals will be demobilized by the end of spring. All of them go to the mobile resource and, according to the rules, can be called up again once 25 years have been reached. Or go to a contract, as some of the colossal line workers have already earned.

It is obligatory to establish an electronic office

The authors of the bill urged Ukrainians to establish an electronic office. Through him, conscripts, military conscripts and reservists also received electronic notifications.

In the e-office you need to enter information about your place of residence, health status, phone number, email, and so on. It was reported that military conscripts for 60 days after becoming lawful can clarify the data through the administrative service center, TCC or e-office. It was also suggested that electronic news reports be sent there.

“I understand the logic of the Ministry of Defense, because through the e-cabinet everything will be verified and verified by my skin. However, all the same, nutrition will be deprived, since all military diseases have the technical ability to “Estrucate,” the intercessor of the head of the profile committee Egor previously told Chernev.

Until the next reading, the committee has approved the edit, from which Ukrainians can register an e-account

How the exchanges are prepared for philanderers

For evaders and violators of the rules of military uniform, a low limit was prepared. This includes the immediate ban on exit from Ukraine, as well as the arrest of bank accounts and other financial institutions, valuable papers, deposits and crypto-gamblers.

The Protest Committee did not initiate watching and catching up on the time-lapse the right of keruvannya by transport means. The procedure looks something like this.

If people violate the rules of the office, the TCC security officer will ask the police to take them to the police station. If the police are unable to deliver a convict, then for five days I have been forced to recommend a letter to appear. There are 10 days on display.

Since the citizen has ignored everything, the TCC will ask the court to immediately limit him to the right of transport. Just before you show up at the checkpoint and call for such benefits. In this case, the court may consider:

  • temporary intercession provides special benefits for sleep

  • Transport Vikoristov Vikoristov’s zv'yazka Za iz izhvalidnistyu (an є on the utymanni person to the sinvalidnіstya I, II Grupi, Abo Ditin Zanvalidnisty)

new armor = “Ltr” “Armoring for mobilization is promoted by officials of category “A”, heads of regional and district councils, rural villages and town heads. Officials of category “B” and local self-government bodies – no more than 50% of the number of military contagionists.

Also, military personnel of state authorities, other powers, enterprises and organizations that are critically important for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the economy and the livelihood of the population can apply for a reservation.

Significantly, the key change is the right to reservations for final beneficiaries (not workers) of critically important enterprises, established by the organization. In addition, bookers are required to clarify the details of the booking through the e-account or TCC.

It is planned that after the law is approved, the booking categories will be revised. However, the document itself in this plan only shows a frame. The main changes will take place after a clear decision by the Cabinet of Ministers.

For days in Ukraine, a scandal has been burning through the status of critically important enterprises, which the media and foundations of culture have been denied. However, the order has been in place for a long time, and with it, for example, football events, telethon shows, circuses, museums and other cultural sites are booked for mobile use. Prime Minister Denis Shmigal responded to the discussion and called for a “fair resolution.”

Read the report about this in the accompanying material from RBC-Ukraine.

Motivational package and other norms

Until another reading, the committee has praised us before “bonuses”. Zokrema, a one-time surcharge for citizens “at zero” in the size of the world is 70,000 hryvnia, for the largest wine town 10,000 hryvnia and a fixed fee for low-end equipment.

Nowadays it is recommended to install wine towns with a size of 4 to 300 subsistence minimums (today 11.5 to 870 thousand hryvnias) for a reduced and trophy-free acquisition.

In addition, within the framework “motivational package “is promoted on par with the law to secure the possibility of independent selection of a child for contract service, additional allowance for trophies, and the provision of time off duty to look after a child during service.

It is also recommended to give the main short-term release in parts over the course of the calendar period (mostly without interruption for at least 15 days). І guarantee the right to compensation of 50% of the first mortgage payment. And another 100 thousand hryvnias after the first and second service.

It is proposed to call on military and other military units/people from departments for borrowing loans, paying fines and penalties to banks (except for car loans and housing). Issue a certificate for 150 thousand hryvnia for the purchase of a car within three months from the date of the first contract; insure up to 1 month of service for 3 hours of service directly at the front; provide additional leave for 90 days to those who have been discharged; stipulate in the law a payment of 15 million hryvnia for the death of a military person.

Once consular services are outside the cordon, then within 60 days it will be necessary to update personal data in the TCC. In this case, you can earn money remotely by e-mail, by telephone or through an e-office.

“There is no need to go back to Ukraine to update your personal data,” said People's Deputy Fedir Venislavsky .

During the period of human mobility between 18 and 60 years of age, mothers are required to carry a military document. І present him to the attention of a senior representative of the TCC, a police officer or a border guard (at the border crossing point or checkpoints at the border). Representatives of the TCC and the police can record the process on video and “punch” the person through the “Oberig” register.

Terms and important information about the war against Russia Read about Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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