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At least 200 thousand people suffered the fate of yesterday’s protest in Georgia, – ZMI

“European March”, which took place yesterday, May 11, in Georgia, becoming the biggest rally in the current history of the region.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine from its coverage at the Novosti-Georgia newspaper.

According to fact checkers, at least 200 thousand people were present at the protest. Over the course of a day, their number could reach up to 300 thousand.

Today's rally was the largest in modern Georgian history. Europe Square was packed with marchers arriving from at least four different locations, while many others came directly to the square. Some arrived late and others early. According to estimates from World Military via… https://t.co/WY4gNWW4A7

— Visioner (@visionergeo) May 11, 2024

It is clear that the investigations were carried out using the Mapchecking tool, which allows you to protect a number of people in a specific area territories after indicating the thickness of the natov.

Zokrema, together with the Visioner supporters, until yesterday the largest protest action took place on the 28th quarter.

This is an absolutely incredible amount of people in the streets of Tbilisi. Georgia’s future is in the EU and the West; and will never be in Russia. pic.twitter.com/LrXCILbOFm

— Katie Shoshiashvili (@KShoshiashvili) May 11, 2024 Protests in Georgia

Recently, the ruling party of Georgia began to discuss a bill on “foreign agents”, which provoked a flurry of protests in edges. The document adheres to democratic principles similar to those adopted in the authoritarian Russian Federation.

The bill was approved by the Parliament of Georgia as part of another reading on May 1. The ongoing situation and protests are causing concern in the European Union (EU). Low officialdom condemned the protest against the protestors and, for example, called for Georgia to be reduced to the status of a candidate for membership in the bloc.

More details about the events in Georgia – in the materials of RBC-Ukraine.

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