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At the White Church, a child was struck by a struma on the bed. The police launched an investigation

At the railway station in the Bilyiy Tserkov (Kiev region), a child climbed onto the carriage. It was stricken with struma, and doctors diagnosed 75% of the body lesions.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this with dispatches to the police of the Kiev region.

What happened

Law enforcement announced that yesterday є 11-word The boys were playing in the snow. One of them instructed the other to get on the side of the van, which was standing in the time-station.

His comrade was not prepared for the proposal, and the youngster began to climb the metal slab on his own.

Photo: The police are conducting a check (facebook.com/pol.kyivregion)

“There were some comrades who, having lost their place in the carriage, decided that they wanted to get closer to them turning around. At this moment, he felt a booming sound, similar to vibrations, and hit his peer already on the ground,” the police said.

The police began a check

Doctors immediately hospitalized the child in intensive care. The boy was diagnosed with 75% of body damage levels 2 and 3.

Police of the Kiev region are checking the fact of a minor suffering from electric shock.

Law enforcement officers are also calling on the father іv constantly remind you about the safety rules at the hour of permission . Children need to be protected from such games in the prison.

Supervisory conditions in the Kiev region

Like the past fate, the terrorists blew up a grenade in the basement of a residential building in and Obukhiv, Kiev region. Law enforcement was looking after the criminal.

Already, right now, law enforcement was looking after the man who stole the bank card of a deceased crew member in Brovary, Kiev region. You are in danger of up to eight deaths.

And recently there was an accident at a crossing in Boryspil, Kiev region. There were tanks for burning.

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