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Atypical attack. In the Kherson region, the Russian Federation hit agricultural enterprises

Russian troops on the night of the 6th quarter controlled an atypical attack on the Kherson region. Involved in agro-enterprise, the PPO lasted for five years.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this after sending a statement to the Kerivnik of the United Coordination Press Center of the National Defense Forces of Ukraine Natalia Gumenyuk under the hour of the telethon, Defense Forces Day of Ukraine.

“Once again, there was a concentrated attack directly in the Kherson region, which is not typical, because here, in power, the front-line region, but still, understandably especially at the time of fate, the enemy attacked the villages of Spodar “The pain of this region,” said Gumenyuk.

The accident

According to the words of the speaker of the OK “Pivden”, unfortunately, there was an accident among the agricultural enterprises, but fortunately, people were not harmed.

“The enemy will continue to terrorize the civil infrastructure, targeting agro-industrial enterprises in the Kherson region. Viniklu Pozhezhu was promptly liquidated by fire fighters,” stated the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

Work of the PPO

Approximately 5 years Trivala is stressed combat robot forces and features anti-friction defense in this operational zone.

“The enemy was attacked by strike drones of the Shahed-131/136 type directly,” the military said.

Boyova Robota, Yak Gamenyuk, Effective Bula.

“Three offsie at Zaporizkykiye, Three Droni – at the Dnipropetrovskiye Coverey, one drone – at Mikolavskiye Il Sm – at the Khersonciy Bulo PPO”

Tactics of the Vorog

Drown, Yak appreciated Gumenyuk, Vorog Vikoristovati Pіsoristovtn tactics yak accurate rocket strokes, Terorizuichi the last day of the day of the Mirne, so the tactics of the Mishahni Ata.

Early on it was reported about the earthquakes near Zaporizhzhya. The Military Forces were ahead of the attack by the “Calibers”, the missiles were falling on Mykolayiv.

As the Defense Forces of Ukraine reported, in front of the Svitanka the enemy directly hit Zaporizhzhia with missiles.

“Znow under the blow, the industry of the region has stopped. The outbreaks have ended. The fire has set in. First, people are unsettled. The results of the attack and the type of missiles will be clarified,” the military said.

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