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Battles for Chasiv Yar. Why does Russia want to crave this place?

Russia is attacking directly at Chasovoy Yar. The enemy wants to attack this place before 9 May.

What is happening there and how dangerous the situation is – in the material of RBC-Ukraine.

Commander-in-Chief Oleksandr Sirsky reported that the command of the occupying army ordered its soldiers to leave the Donetsk region before 9 May. This is a small place, located just outside Bakhmut, where less than 20 thousand people lived before the Great War. The Russians have already actually reached a new level, advancing from three sides.

Why Russia wants Chasiv Yar

The importance of Chasiv Yar for the enemy lies in many factors. The first one is where the transport highway runs, from which the road to the Kostyantynivka place, part of the Slovyansko-Kramatorsk agglomeration, opens up in the distance. Tobto Chasiv Yar is the enemy’s primary target. In addition, from this same Kostyantynivka there is a route to Pokrovsk – another potential target of the occupiers as part of the new summer offensive.

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Another factor is the peculiarity of the geographical spread of the Clock Yar. Vіn is located on the hills – at the dominant height. This, on the one hand, gives advantages in the sense of attacks on distant villages on the front. Otherwise, it is a useful barrier for the attacking side. Before that, at the next part of the place – from evening to afternoon – the Siversky Donets – Donbas canal passes, which is also a crossing point for the enemy.

How the occupiers are coming

Cergovian activity of Russians near Chasovoy Yar began approximately 4th quarter . At this point, the enemy was conducting offensive operations from actually three sides: from the Pivnichny immediately – on the side of Bogdanivka, from the Pivdenny – from the side of Ivanivsky. In the same place, the enemy plans to turn positions in Klishchiivtsi and Andriivtsi in order to “cover” his own flank.

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Bogdanivka immediately or immediately or The area is all occupied. Military observers confirm that the Defense Forces have already left, but our Ministry of Defense received this information on the 13th quarter. Ivanivske Tezh is completely buried by the enemy.

The situation in Chasovoy Yar has been severely affected

Despite the fact that Chasiv Yar itself is not enough to strengthen the population of the area, the situation there is dangerous. The enemy’s tactics here are in many ways similar to the Avdiev operation: the Russians are trying to push to the place from similar borders, from the ancient ones, and from the ancient ones. Military observers confirm that fighting is already taking place near Chasovoy Yar – in the Kanal microdistrict, although there is no official confirmation of this information.

I doubt that before the 9th of May the enemy will be able to recapture the entire place. However, looking at the fact that the Ukrainian army is suffering from a shortage of ammunition and air defense capabilities, the Russians may show their presence here sooner, especially in Bakhmuti and in Avdiivtsi, ISW analysts believe. It’s unlikely that the loss of the Hourly Yar is the cost of three and a half years, but such a risk is present in the coming months, since there is a shortage in the Ukrainian units.

It is clear that ISW previously indicated that the Ukrainian army had seriously fortified itself in the Chasovy Yar area, and it would certainly be important for Russian forces to quickly break through this defense.

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