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Behind the line – at the TCC. Headline feeds about mobilization and messages at the checkpoint

The new law on strengthening the rules of mobilization has not yet been adopted, but in Ukraine the hour will continue These are the main ones rules for calling up for service.

How to transfer the RACS and the judges to the military committee with information about the registration of the duty, how to obtain the right to be promoted to the service and how to register your car for serving a summons, in an interview with RBC-U region says Diana Ternova, lawyer at the law firm Prikhodko and Partners.

– It was already mentioned earlier that after registration, the RACS gateway transmits information about the conscript to the TCC. How can I immediately register a website without transferring the data to the Vyskkomat?

– When submitting an application for sovereign registration, the person fills out the appropriate fields for providing this information. Such an application includes information about one hundred percent of his pre-military service. In this manner, after registering the client, the RACS effectively informs the TCC about the change in the individual’s family status.

– What do you mean, after registering the gateway, no one is mobilizing?

– No, after registering the gateway, no one is mobilizing, but after registering the gateway, the person needs to update and your tributes to the TCC. Some conscripts, military conscripts and reservists must especially notify the authorities in charge of the military service within seven days about the change of personal data.

– Why should judges submit information to the TCC when the court process begins regarding the termination of the alimony reduction scheme? Or what if the court already blames those other decisions?

– No, don’t submit it.

– At least write that the TCC officials are beginning to convince the department of the mobilization of military patients, like languish squad with 1 or 2 group disabilities. On the basis of what can they be convinced of this?

– They can be convinced that a person with a disability has other special needs, which are required by law to be suppressed. This is one of the options if you can help a person with a disability and if they have older children.

Photo: RACS transmit to TCC information about people, but this does not mean that x immediately mobilize (Getty Images)

– There are a lot of people who think that the line is added automatically because people fall into certain categories. For this you need a list of documents. Who are you?

– Information about the availability of substations is part of the update of data in the TCC and SP. Looking at practice, there are occasional episodes when people who may be substitutes for the sub-line still steal Batkivshchyna, hoping for voluntary mobilization. Likewise, the right to a line is not a right, but it must be implemented.

To exercise your right to an extension, you need to include a number of important points. First of all, you need to write an application for registration of a line. To what extent is it necessary to comply with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine “On mobility training and mobilization” and ask for a line.

Before submitting a request, please add documents that confirm the supporting conditions for stitching. And then, after passing the VLK, you will have to check the confirmation of the given subline.

– How would you please those who are going to apply for the right to a subline from the service?

Basic considerations:

  • Write a completed application;
  • Get and notarize all the necessary documents that confirm the right to remove the line;
  • Register the application with the documents at the TCC and SP;
  • Do not go through the VLK until you register the application with the documents.< /li>

Please note that you can only remove the line on the stand of the military document. Such documents contaminate the military receipt or the immediate confirmation of the military convict. So, let’s say, if you are already 36 years old, and you still have a copy of the old document from the government office, then until you update this document, you will not be able to undo the line.

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Photo : The service line is given only for the purpose of collecting a package of documents (Getty Images)

– And if a person has all the documents for a sub-line for mobilization, but the TCC is encouraged to give a sub-line – what to do in such cases?

– It is immediately necessary to reject the written confirmation of what is being confirmed . The reason for dismissal may be assigned. If for such a reason it is not suitable, then you can harm Vidmova from this line of mobilization in court order.

– Infection often occurs when a car at a checkpoint is stopped by the police, and then Representatives of the TCC come and sign the agenda. How should you behave in such situations?

In this situation, the algorithm could be like this:

  • To begin with, find out from a police representative the reason for the car being lost.
  • Check the documents with representatives of the TCC – this is their service confirmation, which confirms their affiliation with the territorial center of acquisition and social support ;
  • Ask Varto before 'to show the order of the commandant about the promotion of the senior representatives of the TCC to the delivery of summonses;
  • In the event of unlawful actions, call on other representatives of the National Police and record offenses.
  • It seems likely that with summonses in People with phobias are notified of the need for 'Show up at the TCC at the mobilization hour. There are no clear rules for how people can serve a summons. There are also nuances that require faith. The lawyer explained to RBC-Ukraine what place it is, and it is definitely forbidden to serve subpoenas.

    The expert also explained how the e-office can be processed if the Verkhovna Rada votes for these changes.

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