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Biden may take part in US presidential elections and replace him, – Spiegel

Joe Biden may be withdrawn from the presidential election and re-elected New Michelle Obama – squad ex-President of the United States Barack Obama.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this from the German edition of Der Spiegel.

The US Democratic Party does not include that Biden may vote for such a decision from the Serbny 2024 PID Hour of the Party Z'yd in Chicago.

Vidannya arrogant, the democracy was included in the Machel Obama to their opitube duma puppy potatoes. Americans,” – according to journalists, the reason is Biden's important life – two-thirds of Americans respect him as being old enough to protect the country in the future.

At the same time, a lot of Americans It’s impossible to deny Donald Trump’s victory in the elections, who is no less than a respectable head of state. Also play a role in a large number of cases that are currently being considered by the courts against the politician.

Presidential elections in the United States

Presidential elections in the United States are scheduled for the 5th of November 2024. The favorites of the hot race among the Democrats are the dignified President Joe Biden and ex-President Donald Trump.

During the days, the auditor of the Trump Media company was accused of cheating and deceiving clients through the destruction of proper legislation.

American General Ben Godges expressed cautious optimism that Trump will not suddenly become president.

In addition, Trump was recently fined 9 thousand. dollars for posts with social media and threatened to send before the investigation.

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