• 19/04/2024 00:56

Border guards detained a group of fugitives heading to Hungary

In addition, the smuggler was detained in Transcarpathia – he was hiding from the investigation.

< /p> More illegal immigrants were detained at the border with Hungary

Soldiers of the State Border Guard Service found a group of people a few hundred meters from the border with Hungary.

This was reported by the press service of the State Tax Service.

One of those detained resisted law enforcement officers. As it turned out, this is a smuggler who must take three men to Hungary for 6 thousand dollars. The ferryman's car was found nearby. They found 4 phones, 4 thousand euros and 1 thousand dollars in it.

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In addition, a smuggler hiding from investigation was detained in Transcarpathia.

Last year he organized the illegal transportation of two men across the border. Then the illegal fugitives were detained, and the organizer himself disappeared. The man was placed in a temporary detention center, the trial was resumed.

Border guards detained a group of fugitives to Hungary

Border guards detained a group of fugitives to Hungary

Border guards detained a group of fugitives to Hungary

  • Half a kilometer from the border, border guards of the Mukachevo Zago, who planned to get to Hungary on a rubber mattress, and his two accomplices.
  • Ukrainian border guards detained a record group of illegal immigrants – 38 men trying to get into Hungary.
  • Border guards detained a resident of the Transcarpathian region, suspected of organizing the transfer of Ukrainians liable for military service abroad.


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