• 25/04/2024 06:31

Borgs in the energy sector are interested in the repair and modernization of energy supply, – People's Deputy

The borg energy accumulated in Galusia negatively affects fuel reserves, as well as repairs and modernization of energy ' єkkt.

about the cereal of the RBC -Ukraine, to the people of the people's deputy, the perxy intercessor of the Golovy Komizteta, This is a colossal growth of obstructions.

For the energy sector, the borgs are valued at approximately 70 billion UAH, while Naftogaz declares significantly larger sums of mutual debt on the gas market, as Kucherenko said.

“Before the borg situation, the stink of the land negatively reflected in stocks, repairs, modernization, and so on,” the people’s deputy explained.

Kucherenko added that the problem is a systemic problem in the electricity and gas markets. The stinks will continue to be saved and no one understands what to do with them.

Previously, the state power Centerenergo called upon the problem of the balancing electricity market to carry out repairs.

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