• 24/04/2024 22:32

Borrell called the obligation of military assistance to the European Union to Ukraine at the beginning of the war

The European Union and its member states have supplied Ukraine with European technology since the beginning of the war ku zagalom on 31 billion euros This figure is increasing every day.

This was stated by the EU's top representative of the foreign security policy, Josep Borrell, RBC-Ukraine reported on his blog.

Just like Borrell, the European Peace Fund (EPF) is an inter-governmental and extra-budgetary fund of the EU. This was created in 2021 in order to encourage partners with military technology, which was impossible for the EU budget. Its budget initially became 5 billion euros, today’s financial balance has grown to 17 billion euros,” he said.

“Although the EPF was not initially created for this purpose, it became the basis of our military support for Ukraine. At the moment, we have allocated 6.1 billion euros from the EPF in order to stimulate support for Ukraine from the side of the EU member states , and at the same time placing EU with them Ukraine's military technology is worth 31 billion euros in war,” Borrell wrote.

In his words, the EU has continued its military support for Ukraine.

“Besides the other, until the end of which we will have 60 thousand Ukrainian soldiers; we have transferred 500 thousand artillery shells to Ukraine, and by the end of their life there will be over 1 million of them. In addition, Europe While the defense industry also supplies Ukraine with 400 thousand shells under commercial contracts. The initiative to purchase ammunition outside the EU complements this effort,” Borrell wrote.

Having learned that it is far from enough, “and we need to do more like our producers effort, as well as financial resources, which direct support to Ukraine.”

“Last Monday, the Parliament of Foreign Affairs praised the decision to create a new Assistance Fund for Ukraine within the EPF for 5 billion euros, to continue the military support of Ukraine. and I also registered for the sake of redirecting 90 % of superordinate income from Russian immobilized assets before EPF, in order to increase the financial capacity of Ukraine’s military support,” added Borrell.

It seems likely that at the meeting for the sake of mine istries of foreign affairs EU 18 bereznya was praised for the remaining solution for seeing additional 5 billion euros for military assistance to Ukraine within the framework of the European Peace Fund.

In addition, the leaders of the EU countries, at the hour of 21 March, discussed food direct income from frozen Russian assets for the purchase of armored vehicles. And for Ukraine we have achieved the former home economy.

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