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Britain urgently needs to increase military aid for Ukraine

Great Britain announces increase in government support to Ukraine by 500 million pounds ів sterling (617 million dollars) .

The Prime Minister of Great Britain, Risha Sunak, has stated this, RBC-Ukraine reports in a post to Reuters.

The head of government has stated about this, he will visit Poland in the near future, 23rd quarter.

It is also ahead that Russia is to be defeated in order to prevent further penetration of its troops into Europe.

“Ukraine's defense against Russia's cruel ambitions lives on This is important for our safety for all of Europe. If Putin will be allowed to achieve success in this aggressive war, he will not hesitate at the Polish border,” says Sunak’s statement.

“The armed forces of Ukraine will continue to fight well, otherwise they will require our support – and they will demand our support. Today’s package will help provide Ukraine with everything necessary to fight against Russia,” he said before visit.

Sunak’s visit to Poland This is his first international trip in months. Before his visit, we will get in touch with Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

London also won what it called the largest comprehensive acquisition package in history, including 60 boats, over 1,600 strike and anti-aircraft missiles and up to 4 million rounds of gunnery armor.

Britain I have long been an active supporter of Ukraine , and additional funding will increase the total amount of military aid to London for this financial river to 3 billion pounds sterling.

British aid for Ukraine

Days of Great Britain saw at least 150 million pounds (over 180 million dollars) for the appreciation of the energy sector of Ukraine .

Early in the quarter, it became clear that London was considering the possibility of sending Ukraine a prototype laser shield for shooting down drones and missiles.

10th quarter Ukraine and Britain signed a framework agreement about the joint venture I'm asking for help from the defense materials sector .

On February 22, the British Ministry of Defense announced a new package of military aid to Ukraine worth 60 million pounds sterling (over 75 million dollars). How far have drones and anti-anti-anti-aircraft defenses gone?

Read terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on theRBC-Ukraine Telegram channel.

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