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British Defense Minister about sending troops to Ukraine: We can’t turn anyone off

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace called for cross-party calls' yazannya shodo 3% of GDP yak minimum amount of spending on defense. He came up with the idea that the sending of British troops to Ukraine “cannot be turned off.”

RBC-Ukraine reports about this via the Daily Mail.

Wallace appreciates that Britain cannot check shrinking the economy to increase financing of the armed forces.

“I would really like to run a campaign in the House of Representatives to make sure that the main parties are aware of the insecurity that we face, and what they are to blame for in their statements,” the defense minister said in a commentary i Times Radio.

It is also important that “it cannot be excluded” that British troops may end up being sent to Ukraine or against Russia.

“We are guilty of misusing this phrase: “we can’t turn it off”… I appreciate that part of streaming lies in ambiguity… It’s up to the enemy to figure out how far we can go and what we will work on,” said Wallace .

Vin noting that “these are the ones that Putin is working masterfully – we will make everyone understand.”

“I think that the best thing is to turn into your knowledge of what we “We respect the seriousness of this situation in Ukraine. I think that President Putin and we have done well during the fictitious elections – closest to Adolf Hitler in this generation,” said the great planter.

Posie This official Britain is sending troops to Ukraine

Earlier, 9 February, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain, David Cameron, stated that Britain is against sending invading armies into the territory of Ukraine, the message for recruiting Ukrainian soldiers, otherwise they will become “tsіlyu” for Russia.

ZMI reported that the dignified British Defense Minister Grant Shapps was about to visit Ukraine on the 7th of February, canceling the trip to Odessa due to the Russian missile threat.

Terms and important information about the war in Russia Read against Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram .

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