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Bulgaria has still not sent the promised armored personnel carriers to Ukraine

Bulgaria will try to obtain funding for the transportation of equipment from its allies using the Rammstein format.

Bulgaria has still not sent the promised armored personnel carriers to Ukraine

Bulgaria decided to transfer to Ukraine 100 armored vehicles from the police reserves1 armored personnel carriers from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which it promised convey earlier.

This was announced by Bulgarian Defense Minister Todor Tagarev, BNR reports.

Todor Tagarev said at a meeting of the parliamentary committee on defense issues that the matter is in financing the transportation of equipment.

“It is already clear who will load them where, where they will go. This is again a very serious logistics operation. We also we know how much money is needed,” the minister said.

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  • The Bulgarian Parliament overcame the veto of President Rumen Radev, who blocked military aid to Ukraine.

  • Bulgarian President Rumen Radev vetoed the supply of armored vehicles to Ukraine approved by parliament.

  • Before this, in November, the People's Assembly of Bulgaria ratified an agreement between the Ministry internal affairs of the country and the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense on the provision of armored vehicles, weapons and spare parts to our state. Bulgaria was ready to transfer to Ukraine about 100 units of Soviet-style armored vehicles that were in storage.

  • Last year, German journalists published information about how Bulgaria supplied weapons and fuel to Ukraine – at certain periods During combat operations, this state covered a third of all needs for artillery ammunition of the Ukrainian army. strengthening air defense.


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