• 24/07/2024 03:14

Central nervous system: Enterprises stopped due to blackout

The enemy cannot restore power lines due to a lack of workers.

CNS: During the operational period, enterprises stopped due to a blackout

Due to weather conditions in the temporarily occupied territories, settlements were without power. A bread factory has stopped in Donetsk, and bread is brought into the city from Makovka.

“The occupiers cannot restore the supply of electricity in the temporarily occupied territories due to a shortage of workers in the energy industry,” the Center of National Resistance reported.

< Now in Donetsk only 25% of the demand for electricians is working; in general, the picture is similar for most other utility companies. Most of the workers were either mobilized or left the region.

The Center notes that it is the enemy who is unable to ensure the livelihoods of the occupied regions, therefore they are calling for help to liberate the occupied areas and report on the enemy’s bases and warehouses.

Recently in the Donetsk region, almost a hundred miners found themselves underground due to shelling and loss of power to the mines. So far, the power supply has been restored and the miners are not in danger.


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