• 18/04/2024 20:47

Commander of the Tavria troops Tarnavsky: “The situation in Avdiivka is difficult, but controllable”

In threatening directions, units “carry out maneuvers and strengthen themselves.”

Commander of the Commander of the operational-strategic group of troops “Tavria” Alexander Tarnavsky described the situation in Avdievka as of 23:00 on February 15 as “complex, but controllable.”

In a message on his Telegram, the brigadier general said that decisions had been made to strengthen units and maneuvers in the most threatening directions. The military received an additional resource of ammunition and methods of defeating the enemy.

Taking into account all possible scenarios, new positions and powerful fortifications are being prepared.Commanders are carrying out tasks in accordance with the plan of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to stabilize the situation. Troop control remains stable and effective.

General Tarnavsky emphasized that the command values ​​every piece of Ukrainian land, but the highest priority remains preserving the life of a Ukrainian soldier.

  • Even the White House is talking about the risk of Avdiivka being captured by the Russians. They complain that the Ukrainian military does not have enough ammunition due to the delay of the Republicans in accepting security assistance.
  • A representative of the Tavria group, Dmitry Likhovoy, emphasized that, despite heavy enemy fire, Avdiivka is not surrounded .
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