• 21/04/2024 01:00

Components from the US and the EU were found in the Korean missile that the enemy attacked Kharkov with.

Three of the four ballistics parts from the DPRK were produced by American companies.

Components from the US and EU were found in the Korean missile used by the enemy to hit Kharkov

British Investigation Agency Conflict Armament Research analyzed the 290 components that made up the Korean ballistic missile used by the Russians to strike Kharkov. Experts came to the conclusion that the lion's share of parts were produced by companies from the United States and European countries.

According to CNN, 75% of the components in the missile that the DPRK provided to Russia for use in the war against Ukraine are in one way or another related to American manufacturers. Another 16% of parts are from Europe and only 9% are Asian.

The agency also stated that all analyzed mechanisms and systems were manufactured between 2021 and 2023. Accordingly, the missile could not have been assembled before last March.

Experts sum up: the United States and European countries are unable to monitor compliance with the imposed sanctions, and the DPRK and Russia easily circumvent any restrictions – even those that were introduced, as in the case of North Korea, more than two decades ago.

  • Information about the transfer of weapons to Russia by the DPRK cannot be officially verified even by the UN.
  • The EU wants to impose sanctions against the DPRK for military assistance to the Russian Federation.
  • In exchange for weapons, Russia unblocked part of North Korea's assets.


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