• 24/06/2024 05:46

Confirmed phone number: how to add a document to “Dyu”

Ukrainians, who are in the clear water, can withdraw the online document from the lock “D” Iya”. This is automatically displayed after authorization in the water supply.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine in a message to “Action”.

As indicated, after authorization in the water supply, the water is automatically displayed form in “Dii” for the availability of all data from the register of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

It is important to add that “Dyu” can have the same amount of water as seen after 2013.

What works, since there is no water in the “Dia”

As water information was not automatically updated, the system did not find information about the document in the MVS registry.

In this case, you need to go to the nearest server Mostly to the center MBC, to undergo verification of your data – https://hsc.gov.ua/.

You can also write an electronic letter to clarify your personal data (verification) to the regional MBC service center for the region where the document is issued. More details about the procedure.

After verification, the document can appear at the “Action” checkpoint.

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