• 13/04/2024 09:52

Congress has adopted a new project for timely funding for the US government, – Politico

Leaders of the House of Representatives and the Senate of the American Congress have reached home ownership for a new time-hour finance project bath in order. Federal institutions will withdraw funding until the beginning of the birch.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via Politico.

The new funding scheme will allow federal institutions to operate at two different hour intervals, as is the case 2nd hour “shutdown”.

The funding limit for some federal departments will be extended until the 1st week, for others – until the 8th month.

Voting on the project will be completed in the coming year.

New please leaders of Congress to overcome the “Shutdown”

7 today, Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson, the leader of the majority of Democrats in the Senate Chuck Schumer and the leader of the minority in the House of Representatives Hakim Jeffries voted on laying out the new law, what will establish the official level of taxes for the US government budget in 2024? approximately 1.66 trillion dollars. Domesticity is called upon to overcome the “shutdown” (the partial reduction of work in the government) through the blocking of the government budget for the current river.

Republicans in the House of Representatives are discussing the internationalization of the joint venture Iker Johnson for the advance help about the losses.

At the end of the fall of 2023, after many super storms, the Senate supported a bill on the immediate two-stage financing of the system in order to end the “shutdown”. The document does not convey additional assistance to Ukraine and Israel. Joe Biden signed this document.

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