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Congress has returned from vacation. How the US negotiates the budget so that there will be pennies for Ukraine before the deadline

The American Congress seems to be close to agreeing on the federal budget for 2024. The leaders of the Senate and the House of Representatives agreed on the main parameters, but through the position of active Republicans there is still a threat of a shutdown after the 19th.

A report about this about those who, without satisfying the cordon in the United States, cannot praise the budget, and will help our country with billions of dollars, – from the material of RBC-Ukraine.

During the preparation of the material, the following sources were used: publications from Politico, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Hill and a press release on the White House website.

Please note about the federal budget. Ale extreme republicans are against

The previous leaders of the Senate and the House of Representatives achieved all possible requests for government funding for the 2024 fiscal year. However, it is still unclear how to fully formalize this according to the law, since less than two years were lost before the local shutdown. Why are the chambers returning from the new holidays.

For good measure, the total amount of expenses was set at 1.66 trillion dollars. The won includes an increase in spending to the Pentagon to 886.3 billion dollars and financing of the non-profit sector to the tune of 772.7 billion dollars. Regardless of the Republican Party's efforts to shorten the budget, spending on key programs of domestic and social protection is saved.

“By seeing $772.7 billion in non-defense funding, we could hijack key domestic priorities, such as veterans’ aid, health care, and food assistance, which extremist rights seek.” declaring the leader of the democratic majority in the Senate Chuck Schumer.

Vin calls the agreement “great for Democrats in that region,” and also says that Congress will have to establish a bipartisan approach in order to avoid a ruinous shutdown.

The leader of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives, Speaker Mike Johnson, is on the list before congressmen, having announced a reduction in taxes on the IRS by 10 billion dollars and a package of 6 billion dollars to combat the legacy of the pandemic. ї COVID-19. In his words, this became a real savings in the cost of payer taxes and the wastage of the federal bureaucracy. It is also important that this is the worst thing that the Republicans have done to their fate. But she knows: not everyone will be satisfied, the waste of the waste will not be as much as many of the same party members wanted.

Now legislators need to act superbly. The first deadline for federal allocations for the rural government, transport, energy and right-wing veterans is 19 June. Other financial decisions, including the largest programs for the Pentagon, are 2.00.

It might be nice to see the opposition on the side of the extreme right-wing republicans in the House of Representatives, who have been funding the budget at a sharply shortened rate.

“I'm afraid that “It's bad for the American people, it's bad for the deficit and it's bad for the government,” said the head of the ultra-conservative “freedom faction”, Republican of Virginia Bob Good.

His faction has already called the agreement “a complete failure” and “absolutely unpleasant.”

Biden wants to praise the budget and move on to billions for Ukraine. What's the problem?

The likelihood of a shutdown, as before, is great, and some leaders of Congress may be faced with complicated political matters in the near future. І find a way out of the republican ultimatum, which blocks the aid package for 106 billion dollars for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.

According to the director of the White House Office of Management and Budget Shalandi Young, the Republicans are working on preventing the shutdown, but Mike Johnson may face criticism from the middle of his party, which will complicate negotiations and progress It's a disaster for failure. Johnson himself predicts inter-party debates on low political issues, including funding for abortions.

It is significant that the main figures are not related to Biden’s promises about billionaires for Ukraine. They are trying to tie him up to the border and immigration police until the change. In order to please the federal budget, the President of the United States praised the videotok program.

“This represents equal finance, which I met with both sides and signed into law last spring. gram, how to insure the right families, and open the way to the praise of bills on river financing… Now the Republicans in Congress are planning to vacate their work, threaten a shutdown and vacate your main government system in order to finance the most important domestic and national security priorities, including my additional budget (a $106 billion package, – ed.). The hour has come for us to begin,” Biden said.

Photo: Joe Biden calls for Republicans to “knock out robots” (Getty Images)

This result, in principle, is consistent with the results achieved under the previous Speaker of the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy. In the spring of 2023, we agreed with the Biden administration to lower the national border limit in exchange for a reduction in taxes to 1.59 trillion dollars in 2024. All the far-right republicans were against it, and in the spring they sent him to his resignation.

For speaker Mike Johnson, the $1.66 trillion deal could be his first major success. However, the supply of the border crossing and illegal migration is seriously disrupted. Moreover, both for the federal budget and for assistance to Ukraine.

“Draconian” law against migrants. What are the republicans focusing on

Significantly, Republicans are pushing back on the much-lauded House Resolution HR2, a radical bill that would sharply limit access to migrants. In my opinion, it is necessary to cross the police cordon in order to force hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants. The law is intended to be tied to the priorities of democrats. This is how Ukraine was helped and praised by the federal budget.

“Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and everyone else do not want to compromise a simple job from ensuring the security of the border, and a large-scale catastrophe is now brewing, “What a stink they created. The message is simple: pass HR2 to the House of Representatives. That's the plan,” said Florida Republican Congressman Byron Donalds.

The democrats seem to be unwilling to sacrifice their values. According to the words of Congressman Greg Meeks from New York, with his speeches at the border, the demand for justice, and not the methods of the Republicans, is required.

The “Draconian” bill is a revenge for a single innovation.

Market place. Under the threat of increased labor requirements, employers are required to check the availability of documents with their employees. Robiti is required to use the E-Verify system. Currently, 22 states are in compliance with the federal law, but there are still none on the federal level. In this case, there is no truth that such people should come to clear the market of illegal goods.

According to research from the Southern Economic Journal, in states that use E-Verify, wages for undocumented men have fallen, while the employment of undocumented women, who are most often hired as domestic servants, has increased. The problem is that, according to the US government, approximately 57,000 citizens were designated as those who do not keep documents. In addition, such control can have a critical impact on the rural area, where nearly 40% of robot workers actively do not keep documents.

Pilt. Under current legislation, migrants who have applied for entry may not be allowed to enter the United States, according to the documents. Republicans will align this policy with the White House until the explicit request of migrants.

The HR2 bill eliminates the right to request a grant, only if the police officer of the Mitno-Border Service is not respected, so that the application will be accepted as soon as possible, and will not be praised. There is also a fee of 50 dollars, and the place where the application is submitted will be separated by an entry point. The project conveys the wisdom of those who are burdened by many fates.

One ​​of the authors, California Republican Tom McClintock, explained the strengthening of standards for those who are in school And the classrooms have never been filled with students who can’t be bothered English language, and doctors are illegal, as they extort free help.

“Don't go through the corner. The corner – don't open the request to destroy our cordons. Otherwise, the democrats destroyed it themselves,” said Vin.

The life of the wall. The bill would encourage the federal government to cut off at least 900 miles of the roughly 2,000-mile US-Mexico border, reviving Donald Trump's ambitious plans. Moreover, yaknaishvidshe. There is a vision of 110 million dumplings on RIK Prordordon forces, yaki cheat in the states, and such a fabrication to the pricons browned with documents, videmanism of the National Blacksmakes (DHS), for planting in list.

This will also speed up the deportation of children, extend the length of time during which the stench can be eliminated in facilities for adults at the border, from 3 to 30 days, and also prevent the states from establishing their own means for these people to sleep under the water. The most radical step is that the Ministry of Health and Social Services may transmit reporting information about sponsors who accept migrant children. If there are no documents, the deportation procedure begins within 30 days.

Whose deadline is it? What can we say about assistance to Ukraine in the Senate and House of Representatives

The benefit of feeding the cordon and migrants will be the result of this life. The Republicans' chief negotiator, James Lankford (Oklahoma), expects that in the coming days a text will appear that will support the path to praise for the federal budget and the vision of tens of billions of dollars in Ukraine.

“I am confident that the text will be published in the future to get out of this situation. Everyone will have an hour to read and understand it. No one will be outside the process. she’s really doing a good job,” declaring win.

As Politico writes, Lankford spent many decades in negotiations with Senators Kirsten Sinem (Arizona) and Chris Murphy (Democrat, Connecticut). Prote is still under nutrition, so it can become a law. Zokrema, House spokesman Mike Johnson, stating that he was not informed about the details of the senators' discussions.

I want the House of Representatives to praise the law without restrictions, which the Democrats do not support. Lankford has a lot of songs that the Senate will praise him in the coming days, the House of Representatives will make progress and will be able to finalize controversial issues.

At the moment it is not clear who the framework has burned out. Previously, Murphy and Cinema said that they have something to work on, and they don’t smell like they would please someone else. Check it out, why don’t you go against it, don’t do it. Left democrats are already discussing the possibility of a permanent change in policy without excessive spending, and some conservatives are not ready to vote for any bill with additional aid for Ukraine.

This alarmingly lulled yet another statement from Johnson. Behind his words, if a new package for Ukraine is praised, it will lie in the White House’s strategy.

“And two speeches that are necessary: ​​we are responsible for protecting the US cordon, first We are taking away the necessary information and food supplies about those who have an end goal in Ukraine, and we are emphatically prioritizing the use of these resources. Big house without giving us the necessary information,” he added.

At any time, place the remaining text of the border area above the “i”. The leader for Ukraine, so that it would snatch 60 votes from the Senate as soon as possible, secured bipartisan support from the House of Representatives, and Joe Biden put the presidential signature. However, in the USA no one respects it as ideal.

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