• 28/05/2024 18:55

Congresswoman Spartz filed 5 amendments to the security law: all are not in favor of Ukraine

The Republic wants to reduce the amount of assistance and not allow the president to write off the loan debt.

Congresswoman Spartz submitted 5 amendments to the Victor Security Law: all are not in favor of Ukraine

Ukraine Victoria Spartz, elected to the US House of Representatives from the Republican Party, demands to significantly change the text of Speaker Mike Johnson's bill regarding 61 billion security assistance for our country.

As European Pravda writes, the congresswoman submitted 5 amendments to the document, all of which are aimed to reduce funding. Spartz proposes removing from the text the PDA program, which allows the White House to allocate $7.8 billion worth of weapons directly from American stockpiles. The same amount appears in the second amendment, according to which the Republican wants to remove the mention of the allocation. loan assistance. The third proposal would prohibit the president from canceling the debt under certain conditions.

With the fourth proposal, Spartz wants to eliminate the provision for $481 million in Department of Health funding for refugees. And the fifth is aimed at banning the use of the FMF program to order weapons directly from manufacturers for the needs of a US ally.

Spartz has argued that she will not support any funding for Ukraine other than lethal weapons, and demands that regulations be passed first to protect the southern border of the United States.

  • Speaker Mike Johnson divided the Senate bill on assistance to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan in four separate documents.
  • Ukraine's financing standards provide for $60 billion subject to lending and contain a requirement to provide ATACMS missiles to our state.


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