• 22/04/2024 09:22

Crooked Rose's viscera swelled under the masquerading missile attack

Crooked Rose's wobbles lulled today's French, 8th. The place is under a massive missile attack.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this in a message sent to the head of Oleksandr Vilkul for the defense of Krivoy Rog on Telegram.

“A massive missile attack on Krivoy Region. Not “Ignore the current anxiety. Follow the information about hygiene,” says the informant.

Varto note that the Ukrainian Defense Forces previously informed about the launch of ballistic missiles from Crimea directly to Krivoy Rog.

Missile attack in Ukraine on Sunday 8th

It is important to note that there is widespread alarm throughout the entire territory of Ukraine. The Russians are attacking our state with missiles.

The Ukrainian forces of the ZSU reported about the launches of winged missiles and supersonic “Kindzhals”.

The Russian occupation forces are attacking our state with missiles. 11 strategic bombers Tu-95MS and 4 Mig-31K were recorded in the air.

Vibukhs mooned in the Dnieper, Kharkov and Zaporizhzhia.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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