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Czech Foreign Ministry: If Ukraine falls, we will collide with the Russian Federation on our borders

МИД Чехии: Если Украина упадет, мы столкнемся с РФ на наших границах

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Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky said the main challenge for Prague is to keep Russia as far away from the Czech borders as possible and continue to support Ukraine.

Source : “European Truth” with reference ČTK

Lipavsky's direct speech : “If Ukraine falls, we will collide with Russia a little closer – literally on the borders of the European Union, very close to the Czech Republic, and we must not allow this.”

Details : According to him, assistance to Ukraine – military, humanitarian, financial, political or moral – is also for the benefit of European security.

“We must remember that in Ukraine we are holding back the imperial expansion of Russia, which is also sharpening its teeth on the Central European region, on the Baltic countries.”

The Foreign Minister pointed out that war fatigue, which is often talked about, manifests itself in different ways, so he considers it important to explain to the public the need to support Ukraine.

“However, if it is true that we are tired of our own security, then we are losing our freedom and sovereignty,” the minister said.

“I regularly tell everyone in Europe that our main challenge is to keep the Russian Federation as far away from our borders as possible. This is what our policy should be aimed at. The debate is not easy, but we see that in the end European countries are able to come to an agreement.” ,” Lipavsky noted.

The minister also said that Ukraine and Moldova show high motivation and efforts to move closer to the EU, and Prague should help them in this.

“Our help is not motivated by pure altruism and the fact that it is good. It is in our own interests to help these countries get as close to us as possible, because Moscow’s imperialist policies are again gnashing their teeth at them,” Lipavsky added.

Background :

  • Earlier, Finnish Defense Minister Antti Hyakkanen, in his Christmas greetings to the peacekeeping forces, recalled Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, where Kyiv, according to him, is waging a war for the future of Europe.
  • Let us recall that earlier EU top diplomat Josep Borrell already drew attention to the danger of a Russian victory against Ukraine for the European Union project.
  • He also called for more active support for Ukraine given the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin is in no mood to stop full-scale aggression any time soon.


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