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Death of a military man on the territory of the TCC near Ternopil: the prosecutor’s office destroyed the right

The death of the military territory of the TCC near Ternopil: the prosecutor's office destroyed the right

In In the Ternopil region, military cases died after a long period of work at the TCC.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this by sending a message to the specialized prosecutor’s office in the defense sector of the Zakhidny region at the social network Facebook.

At the deceased the body showed cuts and blues. There are also cases of epilepsy.

“Near the town of Buchach, Ternopil region, a 49-year-old man died after a long period of work at the TCC. It was reported that there were cases of epilepsy, and on your body there were slaughter and sincs,” – reported in the prosecutor's office

Following previous data, the man arrived at the TCC on the 25th of February to verify military-regional documents and pass the military-medical commission. In this case, there was alcohol intoxication, and he was not allowed to undergo a medical examination.

27 years old, at the hour of the person’s presence on the territory of the TCC, his country was immersed

“Approximately 17 years old, staying in the territory of the center The military personnel were taken to the ground and hit the ground with their heads,” the prosecutor's office wrote.

Doctors declared death, the cause of which was a craniocerebral injury.

The Ternopil Specialized Prosecutor's Office has registered criminal investigations into the fact of the incredible transfer of military services from the Chortkivsky District TCC to the authorities and service personnel. The sanction of the statute is transferred from 8 to 12 days of abrogation.

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