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Delivers glasses to 80 localities. The first mobile pharmacy requested in Ukraine

The first mobile pharmacy has begun to operate in Ukraine. This will help to improve the availability of food in villages.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this through a request to the press service of the Ministry of Health.

As the department noted, during the war period such pharmacies They can work in front-line territories and in areas of critical situations.

“The first such mobile pharmacy began its work in the Kharkiv region. The route of transport services that will deliver medicine to the village and villages without pharmacies includes 80 settlements,” the source said.

Discover about pharmacy work This can be obtained from the family doctor or local authority. The route will be designed to meet the needs of communities, determined by family doctors, and to ensure the safety situation in the region.

However, in such pharmacies the sale of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors will be prohibited.

In order for such a pharmacy to operate, the car must display on its external surfaces the inscription “mobile pharmacy” and information about the affiliation to the main licensee (pharmacy, pharmacy and other entities and that sub-licenses are available). The transport unit has a cash register, refrigeration equipment, temperature control and air conditioning.

Please note that mobile pharmacies operate as a means of transport, including in rural areas, as well as in daily stationary pharmacies.

Photo: the first mobile pharmacy requested in Ukraine (t.me/mozofficial) E-prescription

Guess what, before In Ukraine, the terms for electronic prescriptions for medicines, which patients buy with cash, have been expanded.

The terms for such prescriptions are now 90 days, not 30.

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