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Deposits in the hryvnia have fallen in Ukraine: this is due to mobilization

In Ukraine, this fate has prevented a significant increase in deposits in hryvnia i. You may be connected with the bill on mobilization.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine with a message sent to the Verkhovna Rada Committee for the sake of Ukraine regarding the supply of finances, taxes and mitigation policies of Danila G etmantseva Telegram.

Vin rospov, according to the National Bank, the loan portfolio of the hryvnia in 2024 will remain unchanged: increasing by +0.2% (+1.4 billion hryvnia) to 727.8 billion hryvnia. With this hryvnia, loans to the population increased by 2.3%, and to businesses – decreased by 0.7%.

As the people's deputy specified, the most significant changes were in the deposit base: deposits in the hryvnia decreased by 3.2% (by 51.3 billion hryvnia) to 1577.1 billion hryvnia. Deposits in the hryvnia have been disappearing at the fastest rate since the beginning of the war. Business deposits fell by 3.5% (32.5 billion hryvnia), household deposits – by 2.6% (18.8 billion hryvnia).

Photo: statistics on loans and deposits in 2023 (t. me/getmantsevdanil)

Having said that there is no “good” here, deposits in the hryvnia have increased by 70% since the beginning of the war (650 billion hryvnia), and the depletion of bank deposits in the first month is a seasonal phenomenon.

Ale, on Getmantsev’s thought, so quickly he could bring up a “singing negative effect”, which is connected with the norms of the bill on mobilization.

“As the head of the profile committee, I can repeat once again that the norms of the bill, which transfer the blocking of banking systems iv , will not be supported. The stability of the banking system is also our foundation and the foundation of post-war renewal,” the people's deputy added.

The bill on mobilization

I guess, on the 31st of today, the Cabinet of Ministers submitted to the Verkhovna Rada a bill on mobility Ilization. They propose to change the order of its implementation.

Okrem, the bill will have norms to strengthen punishment for cheaters. Among such punishments is the blocking of financial assets, the closure of banking accounts.

For more details about the bill, see the material from RBC-Ukraine.

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