• 25/04/2024 07:34

Doctors at the Zaporozhye region TOT were prohibited from using social networks

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and VPN were banned.

Due to significant losses of the invaders, the Melitopol region is overcrowded with Russian military personnel.

About This is according to the Center for National Resistance.

Russian intelligence services fear leaks of information about the current state of affairs and are introducing a number of new restrictions. In particular, this week civilian hospital staff were prohibited from using YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and VPN. < /p>

For violation of such restrictions, they are threatened with dismissal and prosecution of the immediate supervisor.

“Another reason for such a ban is to isolate personnel as much as possible from the information space independent from the occupiers. The occupation administrations see a significant threat to their existence in the absence of total control over the sources from which the population in a given territory receives information,” says the CNS report.

  • It recently became known that infidels are exchanging humanitarian aid people at the WTO with a United Russia party card.
  • The Russians have provoked a humanitarian crisis at the WTO, where people have no means of living and are now trying to buy those who are dependent on them.
  • Also in the temporarily occupied Melitopol, the Russians began to take away apartments from the civilian population. In particular, the occupiers first put a piece of paper on the door stating that the housing is recognized as “ownerless” and require residents to confirm ownership.
  • In the temporarily occupied territories of the Zaporozhye region Russians force state employees to “voluntarily” donate blood for the Russian army.
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