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“Drone diplomacy.” Bloomberg found out how the Iranian riot is interfering with the wars in the world

Iran continues to increase the incidence of disease. Iranian drones are actively fighting not only against the Ukrainians, but other countries have begun to copy the investigations to Tehran.

RBC-Ukraine reports this from reports on Bloomberg.

Apparently, the rebels fighting against the Sudanese army shot down a drone and published a video at the border showing the tricks. The drone is modeled after the Iranian model Ababil. Bloomberg called it a “workhorse” of the militarized groups at the Close Gathering.

Since its development in the 1990s, we have been actively involved in the development of drones. Sudan is modifying the Iranian drone with its own aircraft, which it calls Zagel-3.

Over the past two years, drones using Iranian technology have begun to be produced in at least five countries – from Western America to Central Asia. Apparently, Russia has also opened factories that produce “Shahedi,” which Russians call “Geranium.”

The evidence suggests that the expansion of Iran’s apparently low-tech drones is creating new opportunities for the stabilization of Illustriousness at the Close Gathering and ignites the warden on on four continents.

“Iran's drone diplomacy is earning foreign currency to finance its defense industry, valuing its strategic alliances and mobilizing its potential arms dealers – from sweat “Essentially change the nature of the conflict in this world,” writes Bloomberg.

Iran has repeatedly experienced the sales of drones in Russia, but has learned that it has sent a “small number” before the invasion in the cruelty of 2022. According to the authors, sales of drones will be undermined by Iran's increasingly broad ambitions. The United States and its allies, such as Israel, are trying to resist Tehran.


Iran is painting drones

Iran, which has been under sanctions for over 40 years, knows the tricks and exploits lawnmowers for its drones. I would like to recognize in Iranian drones the components of American production that are widely sold.

As Bloomberg writes, Iranian drones are becoming smaller and smaller. Thus, analysts have established that an Iranian drone could hit the American base in Jordan in 2024.

Previously, The Washington Post reported that the Shahed-101 is a small attack drone that will not require special equipment to launch. The drone can fly low to avoid radars better, and can cover up to 700 kilometers.

Assistance to Iran for the Russian army

It appears that Iran has lost ground in the past few months large-scale invasion supported by the Russian invasion of Ukraine . In addition, the country gave military assistance to Russia. Zokrema, Tehran by transferring Moskvy Droni-Kamikadze, Yaky Porthanty ZAUSUSIA 2022 Ottaka Klacks.

Vidannya Sky News, Iran ise rosa for the Russian Federation “Vybuhovy” drone Shahed-107, Yaki Moscow . The SMI also means that Iran is close to giving the extreme aggressor surface-to-surface missiles.

In addition, the SMI established that Iran is buying spy balloons from Russia, similar to the Chinese ones beat over the USA.

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