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Drone hits were recorded at Zaporizhzhya NPP again

IAEA experts were not allowed into the incident site because it is located along the perimeter of the plant site.

Drone hits were recorded at Zaporozhye NPP again

Zaporozhye NPP

International Atomic Energy Agency on the website at Zaporozhye NPP.

On Thursday morning, IAEA experts at the station heard an explosion. the occupiers told them that they had “neutralized” the drone. The provocation was again aimed at the Zaporizhia NPP training center. Since it is located outside the perimeter of the station site, the Russians did not allow the IAEA team to record the consequences of the attack.

Agency Director General Rafael Grossi said that so far incidents from UAVs have not posed a threat to nuclear safety at the facility. However, he called for an end to these “reckless attacks,” “no matter who is behind them.”

The IAEA also claims that this week another rotation of experts took place at the Zaporizhia NPP. Now there is already an 18th team of observers at the station since the introduction of the permanent presence of agency employees in September 2022.

  • On April 14, the General Staff warned that the occupiers were preparing a new provocation at the Zaporizhia NPP.
  • < li> All six reactors of the station are in a state of “cold shutdown.”

  • The Foreign Ministry demands that Russia be held accountable for nuclear terrorism.


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