• 24/04/2024 14:45

Due to Russian attacks, Ukraine imports electricity from 5 countries

Prime Minister Denis Szmigal calls for saving energy, especially in the evening hours.

Ukraine imports electricity from 5 countries through Russian attacks

Power lines

A massive Russian attack using the night of March 29 caused serious damage to electricity generation and distribution facilities and forced Ukraine to resort to importing electricity.

As Prime Minister Denis Szmigal reported on his Telegram page, our state began to receive energy from 5 countries – Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Moldova.

In general, the head of government believes that the domestic energy system withstood the blow and demonstrated integrity. However, the situation is not easy, so Szmigal calls on Ukrainians to reduce consumption, especially in the evening hours.

Prime Minister also thanked everyone who is working to eliminate the consequences of shelling around the clock.

  • A night attack by Russians led to damage to energy facilities in six regions of Ukraine.


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