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Dutch Defense Minister: “There should be no restrictions on Ukraine”

Kaisa Ollongren believes that a reasonable approach will save Europe from war

Minister of Defense of the Netherlands: “There will be no border between Ukraine and Ukraine” /></p>
<p> Minister of Defense of the Netherlands Kaisa Ohl longren </p>
<p>Minister of Defense of the Netherlands Kaisa Ollongren opposes any restrictions regarding the provision of conventional weapons and spare parts to Ukraine, as well as the training of the Ukrainian military.</p>
<p>According to Ukrinform, the official spoke about this on the air of one of the Dutch radio stations.</p>
<p> < According to the opinion Ollongren, Dutch assistance to Ukraine “is evolving, because we used to supply from our own reserves, and now we do it in cooperation with other countries and industry.”</p>
<p>The minister also emphasized that a reasonable approach “will help Europe avoid a large-scale war with trenches and drones. And the opposition's statements about a “provocation of Russia” were characterized as “exactly what the Kremlin wants to hear. This is an echo of what Putin says. A misconception.”</p>
<li>The Netherlands announced that it would transfer 24 F-16 fighters are 6 aircraft more than planned.</li>
<li>In January, the Netherlands announced the allocation of 122 million euros for military assistance to Ukraine. </li>
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