• 26/05/2024 12:09

Elena Zelenskaya met with the Prime Minister and Queen of Denmark

The First Lady also took part in the opening of the Ukrainian Investment Forum in Copenhagen.

Elena Zelenskaya met with the Prime Minister and Queen of Denmark

Elena Zelenskaya visited Denmark during a meeting with Matte Frederinskaya Ukraine

. In Copenhagen, the first lady met with Prime Minister Matte Frederiksen.

As Zelenskaya wrote on her Facebook page, Denmark demonstrates extreme solidarity with Ukraine, as evidenced by its leadership in the aviation coalition, the signing of the security agreement, the founding Ukraine Support Fund and the prompt allocation of funds to restore the energy system after the Russian strikes, the First Lady personally thanked the head of the country's government for advocating military and infrastructure assistance for our state.

Elena Zelenskaya met with Queen Mary, the wife of the new monarch of Denmark Frederica X – and took part in the opening of the second Ukrainian Investment Forum. From the podium, the first lady called on business representatives to join not only projects in the field of reconstruction and defense, but also other joint initiatives.

  • In February, Elena Zelenskaya visited Britain and met with Queen Camilla.
  • The First Lady admitted in an interview that she would not like Vladimir Zelensky to run for a second presidential term.


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