• 17/04/2024 01:39

Entire families of Yakuts and Buryats are being brought to the Luhansk region to “do repairs”

На Луганщину


Russians, together with families from the hinterland, come to the temporarily occupied Lugansk region to carry out “repair work.”

Source: ex-head of the Lugansk Regional State Administration Sergei Gaidai on Telegram

Details: He noted that all “restoration” on the part of the so-called local authorities comes down to budget theft.

According to Gaidai, the vast majority of men whom the Russians mobilized in the temporarily occupied territory of the Lugansk region and sent to the front either died or returned with certain shortcomings. Thus, they cannot work fully.

But the so-called representatives of small nationalities come from the outback of Russia. These are the Yakuts, Buryats and others.

Gaidai’s direct speech : “In the first months, repair crews came from the Moscow region. But there were repeated cases when the military wanted to mobilize them and send them to the front. The information quickly spread, so the “Maskvichs” no longer want to come there. But small nationalities do not have anything in return information. They are additionally covered with propaganda, they say, “the Ukrainians destroyed everything,” and they will come to repair. And they go. Moreover, not even themselves, but with their families and stay there to live, because they are better off in our dilapidated cities than at home in Russia.”


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