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Europe will be left alone with Russia if Ukraine falls – Zelensky

The President of Ukraine believes that the delay in arms supplies will have an impact on a united Europe.

Europe will be left alone with Russia if Ukraine falls, – Zelensky

expressed hope that the United States will not stop helping Ukraine , otherwise Europe will not be able to cope, NATO will weaken and this will threaten the redistribution of the world.

The President of Ukraine stated this in an interview with the German TV channel ARD.

” If this happens in the USA, don’t let God, there will be a delay in the processes of supporting Ukraine – this will have an impact on a united Europe,” Zelensky noted.

He added that in this case, Europe may have some problems.

“There are consistent problems here. The first is the shortage of weapons and finances in Ukraine. The second is that the alliance between the United States and Europe will be lost. The third is that Europe itself will understand that this is a signal, that if Ukraine does not stand up and Putin moves forward, this is a signal from the United States regarding the fact that Europe will be left alone among the NATO countries who will confront Russia,” the head of Ukraine emphasized.

Also, in his opinion, Europe will not cope if NATO weakens and the United States breaks away from the Alliance. “Europe alone cannot cope at the level at which Ukraine received support before. Neither with weapons nor with finances. Probably, if all of Europe united, it would be able to provide sufficient support to Ukraine, but the United States has such influence: when the signals are not very positive, they have the same influence on some European leaders,” the president said.

If this happens and the US delays the process of supporting Ukraine, this will have an impact on a united Europe.

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  • Recently, Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that Ukraine at a certain stage should be invited to become a full member of NATO. He emphasized that each state has the right to choose its own path in this matter.
  • The NATO bloc provided Ukraine with recommendations on priority reforms before accession. In particular, Ukraine commits to carry out several digitalization reforms in 2024, including military command and control systems. Kyiv also pledged to adopt a number of laws, including anti-corruption ones. There must be a fight against corruption in military procurement.
  • Previously, Zelensky said that Ukraine deserves an invitation to NATO at the summit in Washington in the summer of 2023. However, US Army General Ben Godges was not optimistic about Ukraine's invitation to the Alliance during this summit.
  • Some of the NATO officials suggested that Ukraine could become a member of the Alliance in exchange for part of its territory.
  • The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry called this unacceptable.
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