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Ex-clerks of the economic division of the SBU were exposed in transactions with fuel

The SBU units suffered more than 26 million hryvnias of damage.

The executives of the economic division of the SBU were exposed in transactions with fuel

The executives of the economic division of the SBU were exposed in transactions with fuel for the needs of the SBU in 2022.

This was reported by the press service of the SBU.

“The former head of the Economic Support Department and his first deputy were involved in organizing the transaction. Both were previously dismissed from their positions on the initiative of the Head of the SBU Vasily Malyuk,” the report says.

The defendants organized the purchase of fuels and lubricants for SBU service vehicles and armored vehicles at artificially inflated prices. To do this, they attracted several controlled commercial structures from Kyiv involved in trading in petroleum products. Also, inaccurate information was included in the financial, economic and reporting documentation.

Thus, more than 26 million hryvnias of damage were caused to the SBU units.

During searches in the premises of the suspects, more than 11 million in hryvnia equivalent was found, and during investigative actions at the residence addresses and offices of the heads of affiliated companies, unregistered weapons were seized .

Among those discovered were combat grenades, submachine guns, a hand grenade launcher, a combat pistol and over 500 rounds of ammunition.

SBU investigators informed ex-officials of suspicion under two articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine:

Part 5 Art. 191 (consumption of someone else’s property through an official’s abuse of his official position, committed by prior conspiracy by a group of persons, under martial law, on an especially large scale);

ch. 1 tbsp. 114-1 (obstruction of the legitimate activities of other military formations – the Security Service of Ukraine during a special period).

The issue of choosing a preventive measure for the defendants is being decided.

The officials face up to 12 years in prison with confiscation of property.

The Chairman of the SBU, Vasily Malyuk, suspended the head of the Department of Counterintelligence Protection of State Interests in the Field of Information Security, Ilya Vityuk, from performing official duties while the circumstances are being verified. published by investigative-info journalists.

The family of the head of the department of counterintelligence protection of state interests in the field of information security of the SBU, Ilya Viktyuk, acquired an apartment in an elite new building during the full-scale invasion.


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