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False start? The Radya reacted to the scandalous decision of the Ministry of Health to provide consular services for people

The Ministry of Health has reduced the provision of consular services for people outside the border in Radiya be unconstitutional and so which does not correspond to the previously praised law on mobilization.

About this in the commentary of RBC-Ukraine, they spoke to the relevant committee.

According to the words of one of the spivrozmovniks, according to the law, restrictions on the provision of consular services for military servicemen would be introduced only after compliance with the law. Before that, according to the law, such services were interchanged only once in a while, since a man of 18-60 years of age was not worth his salt or had not renewed his military uniform. Those who are behind the cordon will be able to update their data remotely, using the very mechanism of remote updating that has not yet been approved by the Cabinet.

“This law has been in force since the 18th of May, and people – both in Ukraine and behind the border – may have another 60 days to update the data. Before this date, no one can limit their rights. o in the Kerivnytsia MZS the decision process was initiated “It’s not clear at all. It’s possible that they wanted to use this method to stop the influx of people who, before the law came into force, would have rushed to get new documents and seize documents, although it’s not true that such a short period of time,” one said. From people's deputies.

He added that I still don’t know anything about those calling the Ministry of Health to the relevant committee for clarification. Dzherelo admitted that while it is the initiative of his colleagues, it is entirely possible that the committee will collectively come to such a decision.

Assignment of consular services for people behind the cordon

Apparently, yesterday the Center for servicing the population “Passport Service” announced that due to technical reasons the delivery of completed documents from foreign countries of the DP “Document” has been suspended. At the same time, ZMI published information about those who have suspended the provision of consular services outside the border for Ukrainian people, for the reason of preparing documents for returning to Ukraine.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba reacted later. He stated that he had entrusted efforts to “renew a fair system for the people of the mobilization age in Ukraine and beyond the cordon.” The reason for the decision in the Ministry of Health is to call it a timely document, connected with the Verkhovna Rada’s praise of the new law on mobilization, and they say that filing an application before the 23rd quarter guarantees the issuance of a new document.

What is the new law about mobility? lizatsiya

Dodamo, that the new law on mobilization will be in force on May 18, 2024. Therefore, people between 18 and 60 years of age in Ukraine, those behind the border have been required to update their data in the TCC and SP for 60 days. And from the fact that those who move beyond the borders of the country, stinks can be generated remotely in three ways, and if they don’t kill anyone, then a document is transferred to the exchange for such individuals.

RBC-Ukraine wrote more about this in the following material “What are the restrictions for people behind the cordon in the new law on mobilization: change.”

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