• 15/06/2024 22:33

Finland immediately closed the maritime checkpoints at the border with Russia

Vlada Finland decided to close the checkpoints for private boats at the departure point and the Finnish inlet. Gelsinki explains that they intend to seize the routes of illegal migrants who are trying to reach the European Union from the territory of the Russian Federation.

RBC-Ukraine reports this from a post on Yle.

“For crooked border points of the Baltic seas, we are preparing to the point that the pike perch will not begin to arrive in Finland on the shores,” said Marko Turunen, a representative of the border-sea division of the Finnish border service.

The frontline council is meeting at the meeting and decided to close the checkpoint so that leading to the Saimaa Canal, and checkpoints in the adjacent part of the Finnish inlet for boats.

It is indicated that the border checkpoints in the ports of Haapasaari and Nuijamaa, as well as the waterway of Santio, will be closed for them until the 15th quarter.

Finland is closing several maritime checkpoints to the middle of Kvitnya (photo: yle.fi)

The border service of the region respects that people who are looking for the inlet can begin to travel to Finland by waterway, since the crossing points of the cordon for water supply in the similar part of the Finnish inlet will be lost in Idkritimi.

Behind the words of Turunen, close the border guards checkpoints with a preventive entry.

Closing the borders from the Russian Federation

It seems that on the 30th leaf fall last year, Finland decided to close all checkpoints on the border from Russia. It ended up being a huge number of illegal migrants who wanted to enter Finland from the territory of the Russian Federation.

An hour later, the Finnish authorities announced their intention to open two checkpoints at the border from Ro I say. The next day, the country again decided to close this area to the cordon.

In addition, the 4th quarter of the Finnish government extended the closure of checkpoints at the cordon with Russia until further notice. Soon, a number of ports will be added to the list where entry will be blocked.

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