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Fires have become widespread in Moscow and the Moscow region. Publicized videos

On the 11th night, Moscow and the Moscow region experienced two large-scale fires. There is a burning fire in the manufacturing workshop and administrative virobnica wake-up call.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this through communications to the Ministry of Taxation of Russia.

Near the village of Obukhovo in Moscow, the roofing of the polymer manufacturing workshop was on fire new products on an area of ​​8000 m2 .

Until the fire fighters arrived, the personnel independently entered the streets. More than 100 personnel and 33 pieces of equipment worked on site. Behind the front of the izhormatsky, it was a lot.

Krim of that, in Moscow on Shos Entuzіastyv Goril Admini-Visobnich Budyvi 2000 m2.

train, the ritual guards kept watch as they approached to prevent the fire from spreading further.

Within a few years, the fire was liquidated. There are no casualties.

Large-scale fires in Russia

During the remaining months in the Russian Federation, a large number of fires are recorded, which are often burned both in Moscow and in other regions. Fires often occurred near ports, military facilities, factories, etc.

So, 30 chest fires burned at the Russian mining company “Udokan” in Transbaikalia. As a result of the incident, part of the plant was damaged.

4 days ago in Moscow there was a fire at the substation, as a result of which three districts of the Russian capital were left without light and scorched.

And the leaf fall of the past was burned by fire. zhezha on territory of the Moscow power station “Chagino”. They reported about thick smoke and the burning of a transformer, as well as 120 liters of burning.

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