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For HPOs, you can extend the term of filing an application without spending any payments

Internally displaced persons can continue the term of filing an application after 1 pregnancy without expenses and payment for two months.

This was stated by the head of the Ministry of Reintegration Irina Vereshchuk, informing RBC-Ukraine that it sent an application to her during the telethon.

“We have responded, and we ask you to please support the possibility of submitting an application to our Software until the end kvitnya without spending payments for birch and kvitenya,” she said.

Vereshchuk guessed that for certain categories it was necessary to submit an application and a package of documents.

“People responded, but due to circumstances, of which there were a lot, the month did not last, and people are assigned to the CNAP or the social security administration in the quarter It's shadow , or let’s move on,” the minister said.

Behind these words, people need a term to calmly, without fuss, without filing an application.

Pay for HPO

From 1st February 2024 I will help migrants in Ukraine comply with the new rules. Payments can continue after submitting an application for singing minds. Pensioners, people with disabilities, and orphans will continue to receive payments without an application.

After submitting a new application, payments can and will continue to be taken from their homelands, either those living in the combat zone or with them є children, or live in a mentally safe territory (for example, in the Ivano-Frankivsk region) and their children, for some reason, cannot start offline, so that their fathers can keep an eye on them and cannot attend to their needs.

< p>In addition, pay to continue to your homeland , in which there are successful individuals who have worked hard to find a job, for example, who have found themselves in the center of employment. Continue to pay, including those who know the work.

It seems that the state budget pays a monthly compensation for living expenses of 3 thousand hryvnia to persons with disabilities and to children under 2 thousand h hryvnia for all other internal migrants.

Before the 1st month of the month, payments amounted to approximately 2.5 million osib. It turns out that after this order is resolved, 1.5 million individuals will be removed.

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