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For the security of Europe. Finland plans to establish a plant for the production of vibuhivka

Minister of Defense of Finland Antti Häkkänen, speaking about the future of the country vati plant for vibrator production in TNT equivalent . The initiative is connected with the current response to the main speech in Europe through the Russian war against Ukraine.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this in a post on Yle.

“There is a need for much more production of vibration. It is also our responsibility to seriously consider the role of the veterinary industry in this,” the Finnish minister told journalists.

It is clear that the dialogue is about the TNT plant conducted with business, private investors and the defense industry market.

“The government of the market knows what will drink on such products. In any event, the state can have a strong control role in its food,” said Hakkänen.

Will drink on TNT in Europe through the war in Ukraine

It is obvious that he used the traditional vibukhov’s speech, which is especially common in the production of artillery and mortar shells. Its mass production is much cheaper, no new vibukhov’s words.

Finnish media appreciates that the lack of availability of TNT in Europe is considered as critical for the trivial large-scale military Russia's sins against Ukraine, which is already affecting the third river.

The only plant in the European Union is located in Poland, but there is not enough production to satisfy the high demand.

Implementation of the project in cooperation with other countries

Following Häkkänen's words, Finland informed its allies about the importance of the Swedish diet. The Russian Federation is ready until the next war with Ukraine, the demand for TNT equivalent in Europe remains at a high level.

“The decision is to praise the products immediately released after two rivers,” said the head of the Ministry of Defense Finland.

Häkkänen also said that this project is a collaboration with other allied countries. We are in close dialogue with foreign powers and partners.

The Finnish Minister added that decisions about the future of the plant have not yet been made, and the final regulations “may be completed in the spring.”

Fіnlandi іnvestu at Vlasna Vrobnitsye Boyspassiv

Nagada, from the birch of the fіnnlandi, the Fіnnanovanni union on the Vobinnitsa on the Vobinnitsa of the Bravasyvs at the Rosemir 32.5 million єvro. This received funding of approximately 24 million euros for internal production, given by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in the past.

The Vihtavuori gunpowder plant, which is part of the Nammo group, will also significantly expand its activity.

Previously, it was reported that at the beginning of the present day the President of Finland, who at that time was Sauli Niinisto, called on Europe to invest in agricultural production.

And in the 3rd quarter, the new President of Finland, Alexander Stubb, announced that the country would give Ukraine the 23rd package of military aid. This year we reach 188 million euros.

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