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Forecasters gave a forecast for the working week and Great Day in Ukraine

The weather in Ukraine in the new working season will continue to change it is up to the region, omitting the central regions. On Great Day, the 5th of May, you should also make a fortune to yourself.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this via communications to the Ukrhydrometcenter, forecast by forecaster Natalka Didenko.

Monday, 29 April

On Monday , 29 April, at sunset it will be +6…+9 degrees, in the afternoon – +20…+23. It will be warmer here in the Transcarpathian region – up to +25 degrees during the day.

To level things up, on daytime nights +11…+14, during the day – colder, lower at sunset and cooler, in Transcarpathia, up to a maximum of +22 degrees. And on the same axis, the temperature is predicted to be “punday”.

The coldest, according to the “Ukrhydrometcenter”, will be in Chernihiv region at night – +4..+6 degrees. Today, the temperature here will rise to a full +20 degrees.

Doshchev varto check for the day, the day of gathering (Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhzka regions) and the extreme gathering (Luhansk and Donetsk regions). True, the temperature drops, especially during the day, in these regions you won’t be able to get in.

Weather in Ukraine on April 29 (meteo.gov.ua)

Tuesday, April 30

On Tuesday, April 30, in Ukraine the temperature at night will rise by +1…+2 degrees. The daytime temperature will practically not change, but will drop by the same +1…+2 degrees.

For example, at night in Chernihiv region it will be +6…+8 degrees, and during the day in Transcarpathia – the maximum +24 degrees.

The cyclone, which is indicative of fall, also depends on the same areas of the day, immediately and immediately, on the 29th of April, in addition to the Dnipropetrovsk region. In this case, there are serious thunderstorms.

Weather in Ukraine on April 30 (meteo.gov.ua)

Sereda, 1 May

The weather on Wednesday, May 1st, will be similar to the previous days, although not without its “rodzins”. So, at sunset, the day will be warmer, lower in most of the regions, except for the Mykolayiv region. Mikolaiv, with its +24 degrees a day, is incredibly close to the warmest part of Ukraine. On daytimes in some places up to +21.

Day is possible on daysdays (all regions) and daytime gathering (Zaporizka region). Moreover, there are thunderstorms everywhere. And the axle on the convergence 1 grass is dry.

Weather in Ukraine 1 May (meteo.gov.ua)

Thursday, 2 May

It is clearly warming up on Thursday, 2 May. Moreover, the temperature in the region at sunset will drop to +13 degrees, in the Kharkiv region – up to +14 degrees, and it will be colder at night in the Chernihiv region – up to +12 degrees .

It will be warmer at the gathering – during the day in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions – up to +23…+24 degrees. And the daytime temperature in some places on the day is clearly similar to those in the western regions.

As soon as there are planks, they will pass at the end (Zakarpattia, Chernivetska regions), at night (near Chernihiv and Sumy regions), cover the entire day and evening gathering (Zaporizka region). In the face of thunderstorms, there certainly won't be.

< p style="text-align: center;">Weather in Ukraine 2 May (meteo.gov.ua)

Friday, 3 May

On Friday, the 3rd of May, there will obviously be more rain than during the entire working day. In this case, the temperature readings do not change at night, but only drop slightly during the day.

It will be warmer at the beginning of the day and in some places in the center – up to +22 degrees. The maximum temperature in Crimea will be +21 degrees (in the Odessa and Mykolayiv regions).

The rain will be smoky again, except for the center and Crimea of ​​the Poltava region. And itself:

  • in Transcarpathian, Chernivets, Ivano-Frankivsk regions;
  • in Khmelnitsky, Vinnytsia regions;
  • in the Kirovograd region, in all modern regions and in Crimea;
  • in Zaporizhzhya, Dnipropetrovsk regions;
  • in Sumsk, Kharkiv, Lugansk and Donetsk regions.

< em>Weather in Ukraine on May 3 (meteo.gov.ua)

Forecast for Great Day

According to the previous forecasts, on Great Day, as forecaster Natalka Didenko said, it will be warm in Ukraine, +19…+25 degrees.

Zokrema, on the night of Great Day it will be dry, but on the 5th day the grass will be moist, it’s true, short hours.

“The smells will pass in the western, southern and central regions, and at the end of the day it will be dry,” she said, anticipating that the weather on Great Day may still change.

Great Day 2024 in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the 5th of May is celebrated as the holy day of 2024. At the end of last year, the Metropolitan Council of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine praised the decision to switch to the New Julian calendar.

Therefore, the dates of all religious saints were destroyed exactly 13 days ago. For example, St. Nicholas Day is marked on the 6th day of the 19th, and on the 25th day of the 7th day of the same year.

When the Holy Majesty is celebrated, these changes did not affect. It is significant that the date is set. The Great Day, which changes over time, falls between the 4th of April and the 8th of May.

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