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Frost is creeping in. In areas of emergency, due to bad weather and the threat of attacks

The weather in Ukraine is starting to get worse this weekend. Due to the increased frosts and the imminent threat of missile attacks near Kiev and the lower regions of the city, the government has decided to carry out emergencies and share important information with the people.

How Kiev and other regions are preparing to severe frosts and possible shelling – collected by RBC – Ukraine is lower in material terms.

During the preparation of the material, the following were submitted: statements by the KMVA, KMDA, the head of the Poltava Regional Military Administration Filip Pronin, the head of the Kirovogradsky Regional Military Administration Andriy Raikovich, the head of the Kupyansk district military administration Andriy Kanashevich.


At the Kiev Municipal Military Administration We must respect that the remaining massive missile strikes of the Russian Federation have once again proven that the enemy could not hope to destroy the civilian population. Therefore, there is a threat of repeated attacks.

“There is a real threat of repeated air strikes targeting critical infrastructure,” the CMVA reported.

Now, in the near future in Kiev, the weather will change its mind – a sharp drop in temperature down to -18 degrees. Reacting to these calls, in the capital today the Council of Defense of Kiev called upon the following decisions:

  • to ensure the operation of all “Points of Inviolability” in a continuous mode;
  • check the need to supplement the “Non-breaking Points” of Kiev with the necessary means;
  • check the readiness to ensure health protection in the event of a critical situation;
  • < li >inform the kiyan about the work and access to the “Points of Inviolability” for the period of change of weather minds;

  • before frosts, check the fireplaces, technical surfaces of the living booths, put in shortcomings to prevent freezing of the burning systems of the booths;

Mіstseva Vlada guesses that Kozhen Kiyan can find the nearest “Point of Inviolability” at the “Diya” stop. There is an interactive map, in the menu you can find out the address of the person’s body, and also get directions to it. The service operates without access to the Internet – for which you will need to immediately access the map of the selected region in “Dia”.

In addition, the Council of Defense of Kiev has entrusted the living and operating enterprises that manage the company Iya all forms of power, OSBB and reinforced concrete prepare to avoid frozen fire systems in case of emergency situations caused by hostile attacks.

For which operational personnel can be transferred to the place of the curfew for the absence of a passport and service certificate nya.

Kirovograd region

Due to the predicted deterioration of the weather, a meeting came for the defense of the Kirovograd region and the National Security Council.

“This format was developed in the first place. All communities, RVA, Defense Forces, DSNS, police were contacted ї , road workers, railway workers, energy workers, lighting, medicine, housing and communal services, social services,” wrote the head of the OVA Andriy Raikovich.

Behind his words, at the meeting there was a heavy focus – the planning of emergency teams to service municipal heating and power engineering and roads, stocks of burning materials, soil material, the readiness of mobile generation, care in hospitals and social security deposits, whole-hearted robot “Points of Inviolability”, heating points on highways, and especially the Ukritts.

Also in the OVA they spoke about the importance of the “Swedish” coming to the skin. I would like to give my respect to bed, urgent, hemodialysis. Stocks of grub at trade borders, nurseries, medicine shops, special boarding schools.

Also at the meeting, the heat engineers were instructed to think through the skin structure in order to absorb the system, in times of attack, it is not due to its complexity in the minds of frost.

“For all kerivniks of the territory, all services – daily weekends and vacancies. First of all – clear interaction between the OVA, Defense Forces, law enforcement, DSNS, road workers and kerivniks of communities,” – adding the kerivnik region i.

Poltava region

The Poltava region, through the proximity of evil and the threat of massive attacks, called to be prepared for any scenarios.

“We must be prepared for any scenarios. If you need to turn off the lights or heat, residents of the region can take out insurance at the “Points of Inviolability”. In them you can warm up, charge your gadgets, connect to the Internet,” – stating the head of OVA Philip Pronin.

In OVA you can guess that there are 590 points of inviolability on the territory of the region. The stinks are burning in the dry communities.

The addresses of the points are on the Poltava OVA portal. It is also easy to find the nearest point on the website. Help with the search and zastosunok “Diya”. Addresses of the “Points of Inviolability” are available in official chatbots on Telegram and Viber.

Kharkiv region

Also, in advance, there was a plan to drive the coming frosts from the kernels of the communities in Kharkiv th region. The head of the Kupyansk district military administration, Andriy Kanashevich, reported this.

For an hour, we discussed in earnest the functioning of the “Points of Inviolability” and the points of heating absolutely everything necessary. In addition, the supply of fuel and the availability of generators will be checked so that these points can openly receive people at any time.

“In such minds, if we have to navigate through critical infrastructure, if our electricians are on duty several times a day to ensure that these and other measures are up to date, we understand that there will be further tests for we were brutalized “And how much are we preparing for? We will do everything so that people, who will be left behind by such blows of disconnection, can come and take away the heat,” said Kanashevich.

He clarified that the “Inviolability Points” have been deployed in places far from the front line, “where there is complete security.” Also, calling in advance of frosts, residents of “hot” communities to evacuate.

“In advance of such frosts, we once again explain to people the need for evacuation… We agree that this situation is critical, as is the potential It may come, so it itself encourages people to accept the importance of the decision – I would like to quickly leave for the territory of the Kharkiv region, so that there will be safety,” added the RVA resident.

Frosts of up to -25 are coming to Ukraine

It is a good guess that in the 7th century a cold wave will arrive in Ukraine as a result of the Arctic storm from the night in Europe and the creation of an active cyclone in the winter.

Ukrainians are also ahead about severe frosts, with which in some regions thermometers drop to -25 degrees. The bad weather will be accompanied by significant snow, khurtovina and ice. Read more about the worsening weather in the materials of RBC-Ukraine.

For terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine, read on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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