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G7 no longer considers a new confiscation of assets of the Russian Federation, but there are also options, – FT

The regions of the “Great Simka” no longer contemplate a renewed confiscation of Russian assets. The G7 is looking for less radical options for squandering Russia's pennies on Ukraine's gain.

RBC-Ukraine reports this in a statement to the Financial Times.

G7 representatives have revealed that they are fueling the confiscation of Russian assets and no longer stand on the order of the day. Instead, they are looking for alternative ways to extract cash from frozen assets.

One idea was suggested by Belgium. The Euroclear depository maintains approximately 190 billion euros of reserves for the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which represents the vykoristati as a guarantee for obtaining trade finance for Ukraine. If this idea is rejected, European countries are against it.

In the beginning of 2024, the United States has developed another initiative to obtain financing for Ukraine through positions and bonds against future profits from frozen assets.

The United States respects How can we get up to 50 billion dollars for Ukraine? It does not carry such risks as the idea of ​​Belgium.

The main problem of the European plan lies in the fact that Ukraine needs money immediately. In addition, if the war will end any time soon, then there will be a problem – what to do with the money? The money, withdrawn from the outpost of ten years of profits, will be backed by sovereign guarantees.

“If there are peace talks and Ukraine expects to take part in them, it may fail uacia, if Russia recovers its frozen assets, and in The exchange will be suitable for Ukraine’s territorial actions. It will not be possible to earn it if you have already pledged assets,” explained one of the German officials.

Confiscation of assets of the Russian Federation

Ukraine calls on partners to confiscate Russian frozen assets. Proteus whose nutrition is folding. Some countries claim that there is no legal basis for confiscating Russian assets and transferring them to Ukraine.

It is clear that in Europe they were proposing to transfer profits from frozen Russian assets to Ukraine .

The United States confiscated 300 billion dollars of Russian assets, but the plan could not be met.

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