• 17/06/2024 20:08

Germany is planning a large-scale review of the combat readiness of its reserves

In Germany, the head of the Association of Reservists, Patrick Zenzburg, announced the intention to revise the state combat readiness of all reservists in the region.

RBC-Ukraine reports this from a post on Bild.

According to its analysis, the NRF may need 800 thousand soldiers in an emergency. This means that to supplement up to 200 thousand active military servicemen, 600 thousand reservists are needed.

In addition, according to Zenzburg, there are more than 20 thousand vacant positions in the Armed Forces of the region.

Vin Rozpov There are approximately 900 thousand military service members and conscripts who have reservist status and up to 65 personnel.

“We are responsible for quickly fixing our state of health and accessibility there is a need to plan them for internal security, national and alliance defense and allow them to train again, piece by piece,” said Zenzburg.

In my opinion, the Bundeswehr should increase the number of reservists who would serve at a time, from a total of 34 thousand to 50 thousand

It seems that close to a month ago, the Minister of Defense of Germany, Boris Pistorius, realized that in the upcoming military campaign, the forces of Germany could lose up to 6 billion euros. In his words, the Federal Reserve refuses to oust the NATO quota for military expenditures at 2% of GDP.

Similarly, the head of the Ministry of Defense of Germany recently stated that the country plans to modernize its army, or be ready before war.

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