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“Godnik is clicking”: Biden called on Congress to praise help for Ukraine

US President Joe Biden called on Congress to urgently support the bill to support Ukraine and pass it yomu to subscribe .

As reported by RBC-Ukraine, Biden said at the hour of the press conference on Tuesday, Tuesday 6th.

“I urge Congress to praise this bill and place it on my table.” “If the bill fails, I want to be absolutely clear: the American people know why it will fail,” he said.

Biden said that if Congress does not support the bill, then all the voters in the United States, we know that at that moment, if Vlada was going to secure the cordon and finance the support of Ukraine, Donald Trump and the Republicans said “no.”

“To those who are afraid of Trump. To be afraid of Trump. Every day before leaf fall, the American people will know that the only reason why the cordon is not stolen is Trump and his fellow Republicans from the “Mag”. The time has come for Republicans in Congress to show a little courage, and let the American people know that you are working for someone else, and not for anyone else,” he said.

Then the American leader said that without new help for In Ukraine, Kiev has fewer defenses to defend against Russian invasion.

“The god is clicking,” said Biden.

US aid to Ukraine

We previously reported that the US Senate has introduced a new bill for aid Ukraine.There is a vision of funds for additional aid to Ukraine, Israel and for the appreciation of the US cordon.

Before the word, Biden spoke sharply about the bill on aid to Israel without Ukraine.

So f US President Joe Biden has asked Congress to see 106 billion dollars to help Ukraine and Israel, but the food has not yet been decided.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC channel – Ukraine on Telegram.

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