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Hamas, attacking checkpoints at the entrance to the Gaza Strip with rockets, killed Israelis

On the week of May 5, the armed wing of the Palestinian group Hamas attacked a checkpoint with rockets ( Checkpoint) entering the Gaza Strip. Three Israeli military personnel were killed as a result of the attack.

RBC-Ukraine reports this via Reuters.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said that 10 shells were fired From the place of Rafah on from the Gaza Strip to the checkpoint area, which is now closed for vandalism, which is a direct route to the coastal enclave.

Hamas reported that they fired rockets at the Israeli military base near the crossing, but did not specify their location launch. The terrorists said that the targeted shelling was not a commercial crossing.

Izraih, saying that they had an attack, the three soldiers of the tshaal, the 11th bouli serionedly wrapped. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, nine people died as a result of the attack, who were found out early.

The Israeli military confirmed the fact of the counterattack, saying that it had hit the launcher that fired terrorist shells, as well as the failed order of the “military dispute.”

“Launches fired by Hamas near at the Rafah checkpoint… let’s say but the systematic exploitation by the terrorist organization of humanitarian objects and spaces, as well as the continuation of their subjugation of the civilian population of Gazi as a human shield,” says the informant.

Hamas will block Yes, the vikorist civilian population of Rafah is like a human shield. More than a million Palestinian refugees live near the border with Egypt.

The attack began to spark negotiations about the outbreak of fire, which are taking place near Kaira, and cast doubt on the credibility of the Swedish target.

Peace negotiations between Israel and Hamas

The war began after the 7th 2023 terrorist attacks on Israel And in just the first day, 1,200 people were killed and 252 guarantors were killed.

For example, the Israeli army began a military operation in the Gaza Strip against Hamas, which is troubling everything.

At the beginning of the fate of the United States, Egypt Qatar has proposed a plan to start a fire, in which the parties will exchange guarantors, and Tel Aviv will withdraw troops from the region and launch a military operation against the Islamists. Negotiations are still ongoing.

CNN did not indicate that the parties may be able to settle the fire in the coming days.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has blocked the agreement with the world Hamas , the fragments will only bring the onset of war closer.

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