• 24/04/2024 09:24

Heating has been restored to houses damaged by the night attack in Odessa

Currently, several houses remain without gas supply.

Heating has been returned to houses in Odessa that were damaged by a night attack

In the houses of Odessa residents who were attacked by night drones. In particular, to the house in which one of the outer entrances collapsed.”

This is reported by Odessa. Officially.”

It is indicated that there are still several apartments left in the most damaged part of the building, where there is still no heat. Specialists are working there.

Currently, several houses remain without gas supply.< /p> >

“We will restore everything. But it is impossible to bring back human lives. You can’t bring back three-year-old Mark, you can’t bring back the mother and the baby she was holding close to her – and we saw this when they were found. Russians must answer for their crimes,” emphasized the mayor of the city, Gennady Trukhanov.

  • Today, as a result of a drone attack by Russians on a high-rise building in Odessa, 7 people were killed, including a 3-year-old boy and a three-month-old baby. li >


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