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History comes first. Chinese mission to deliver soil from the gate side of the month

China launched the world's first probe to collect samples from the vortex side of the month.

RBC-Ukraine reported this to the BBC.

Ge Ping, deputy director of the Chinese Space Engineering Research Center, told reporters before the launch: “Change-6 will first take a turn nogo side of the Month.”

During the 53-day month, about two kilograms of monthly samples are delivered to the Earth for analysis.

Vin will try to restart on the side of the Moon, brutalized by the Earth, which is called the “dark side of the Moon”. Because it cannot be removed from the Earth, and not because it cannot catch dreamlike changes.

It has a very old crust with a large number of craters, which are less covered by ancient lava flows, lower near side.< /p>

Everyone is hoping that it would be easier to collect material that could shed light on those who have completed the Month.

“The probe intends to collect monthly soil and stones and conduct experiments with vicor drilling and mechanical arms,” the National Space Administration informed China.

The company was informed that the probe for language from the Earth in vikorystuvatime companion- Queqiao 2 repeater

The launch marks the first of three unmanned missions per month planned by China in the next decade.

The unmanned rocket with a probe launched from the cosmodrome at approximately 17:27 an hour ( 12:27 outside Kiev). The moment of launch was captured in the video.

Liftoff at ~09:27UTC on May 03, Long March 5 Y8 successful announcement of Chang'e-6 in lunar transfer orbit, launch This is the 5th day before the month. https://t.co/kwRPm3ac1q pic.twitter.com/9mfuiWlIE0 — China 'N Asia Spaceflight

Developments in space

We previously wrote that Elon Musk’s company SpaceX carried out the third launch of Starship with the near end of the operation.< /p>

Before the word, SpaceX has launched a new satellite into orbit, which is insured for 15 years of operation.

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