• 24/06/2024 09:11

How much do dollars and euros cost: current rates in exchangers

The dollar exchange rate in exchange offices of Ukraine has stabilized. The single European currency has risen in price a little.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this in its efforts to monitor the market.

As of the 10th quarter, the average dollar sales rate in Ukraine has not changed – 3 9.35 hryvnia, euro exchange rate for 5 kopecks to 42.95 hryvnia.

In exchange offices, buy a dollar from the average for 38.85 hryvnia, euro for 42.25 hryvnia.

On the interbank bank The exchange rate today is at 39.00-39.03 UAH/dollar (purchase and sale) – an increase of 4 kopecks is equal due to the closure of the previous day.

Official rate

The National Bank of Ukraine has increased the dollar rate to hryvnia The dollar becomes more valuable the next day.

The official exchange rate for the 10th quarter of 2024 is set at the following level: 38.9945 UAH per 1 dollar (+0.0063 UAH). The euro exchange rate becomes 42.3519 hryvnia for 1 euro (+0.1511 UAH).

Forecast for the exchange rate

As Taras Lesovy, head of the treasury department of Globus Bank, stated in the commentary of RBC-Ukraine, from the 8th to the 14th quarter On the foreign exchange market it is possible to change the dollar exchange rate. But the stench will not be excessive and will not exceed 0.6-0.7 hryvnia.

As the banker has indicated, the foreign exchange market operates within the framework of the official “system”, as a result of exchange rate changes, both growth and If there is a decrease, it is still important to predict and recover.

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