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How much do the top 5 snooker players on the planet pay? A look at the Masters tournament near London

On Saturday, the 13th, the Alexandra Palace near London will host the finals of the Masters tournament “Zi snooker. In 11 frames of matches from the 1/2 finals, two of the best snooker players in the world are assigned. Previously, 16 of the strongest players on the planet started in the 1/8 finals.

RBC-Ukraine mainly selected this sport, the best snooker players and those who earn the most money.

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About the Masters tournament

The London Masters is one of the Triple Crown tournaments, the most prestigious snooker tournament in the world. Only the 16 highest ranked snooker players are allowed to reach this final bracket. Matches of the 1/8 finals, quarter-finals and semi-finals will go up to 6 wins, the final match – up to 10. Win the tournament by going home from 250 thousand pounds sterling (12 million hryvnia).

Let's get up on the evening of the 12th, three of the four finalists are visible: seven-time world champion Ronnie O'Sullivan, 2015 Masters champion Sean Murphy and German Masters 2023 winner Alistair Carter. Another place in the remaining quarter-finals will be played by Mark Selby and Mark Allen. So what do we know about all these participants?

Ronnie O'Sullivan

Ronnie The Rocket O'Sullivan is the most famous figure in the history of snooker. Over the course of nearly 40 years of professional career, he has won the Masters all these times, won the British Championship and this time become the champion of the world. The athlete was born in 2022.

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The Englishman holds the record for the most maximum snooker breaks with 147 points. This quantity can be gained by tapping, by hammering all 15 red bags through the black in one go to the table, and then clearing the table, hammering the yellow, green, brown, blue, horn and black bags through the table. On official occasions to O'Sullivan, this result was achieved 15 times, and his best test of 5 minutes of 8 seconds was listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

In the quarter of 2022, Ronnie sits first. gathering place light rating. During the 2023/2024 season, you earned 306,500 pounds, which is equivalent to 14.5 million hryvnia. The snooker player won 2 tournaments, one of them the British Championship, and earned 30 century breaks, gaining over 100 points in one go to the table.

Alistair Carter

No. 10 in the world ranking, Alistair Carter, beat difficult opponents to the Masters semi-final. So, in the 1/8 round with a score of 6:4, he beat the three-time champion of the world, Mark Williams, and in the quarterfinals, Judd Trump, who came first in the ranking of the season.

Carter himself is not at all becoming the champion of the light feather, although twice reaching the finals in 2008 and 2012. I offended Ronnie O'Sullivan twice.

Since 2016, Alistair has not been able to win a single rating tournament. With this, the snooker player reached the finals of the Masters, World Grand Prix and other titles. True, the Englishman managed to break this streak by winning the German Masters tournament. In the final, Tom Ford did not deprive himself of his chances – 10:3.

During this season, Carter earned 117,000 pounds (5.6 million hryvnia). Thus, he ended up not winning the water tournament and earning 23 century breaks.

Sean Murphy

41-year-old Sean Murphy is the 2005 world champion and Ronnie O'Sullivan's rival in the finals of the National Masters. He is the only winner of today's snooker, which is able to win the world championship by breaking through from the qualifying stake.

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During his career, Sean has won all the Triple Crown tournaments once, including the Masters in 2015 and the British Championship in 2008. Moreover, Murphy reached the finals of the world championship five times, but lost in 4 rounds.

In 2023, Gravets won 3 rating tournaments, after which he rose to 6th place in the world rating . Until recently, it was in third position, having risen from 2007 to 2010.

This season, Sean has already earned 56,500 pounds, which is approximately equal to 2.7 million hryvnia. With your skin age-break, you will receive 100 pounds for the use of the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital clinic.

Mark Allen

The sole representative of Northern Ireland at the national Masters Mark Allen on the sits 3rd place light rating. In the remaining quarter-finals of the tournament, he will compete for a place in the semi-finals with his namesake, Mark Selby.

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Allen is the champion of the world and Europe among amateurs, but on a professional level such a result has not yet been achieved. Moreover, he has already won the Masters in 2018 and the British Championship in 2022. Having lost 1:6 to the Chinese Ding Junhui in the final, he turned the match around and won the match with a score of 10:7.

In the 2023/2024 season, the snooker player took home 2 trophies ratings tournaments, including the Leicester City BetVictor ShootOut Cup. In the final of this tournament, Mark beat the representative of China Kao Yupen – 65:4. The athlete earned 88.5 thousand pounds sterling or 4.2 million hryvnia.

Mark Selby

Allen's terrible opponent in the Masters quarterfinals is 40-point Mark Selby. The snooker player is a four-time world champion and a two-time champion of the Triple Crown.

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In 24 years in professional sports, Mark has won over 30 tournaments, including two victories at the British Championship and three at the Masters.

Selby is the only winner in history to achieve the maximum break in the World Championship final. This was given to the athlete at the finals of the remaining match for the World Championship in the 2023rd generation. True, the English did sacrifice the Belgian Lucia Brecel in the finals. Before the word, this holder of the snooker crown lost to the first Masters stakes player Jack Lisovski with a score of 2:6. Selby scored five “147th” breaks in his career.

This season, Mark sits 5th place in the world. He earned 23 century breaks, won 28 out of 40 matches played and earned 113.5 thousand pounds sterling (5.5 million hryvnia).

Heads up about snooker

Snooker is the same court as English billiards. It is a popular sport in English countries: England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Australia, as well as in Asia: China and Thailand.

C Or is it lying with him, abi For help with the cue and cue ball, hit more different colored bags at the yakomag's pocket. There are 15 hearts and 6 colored balls on the table.

Kozhen from the gravers go through the table and then one heart, and then a colored ball, and so on, until you miss. Red bags give one point each, and colored bags have their own gradation. Zhovta – two points, green – three, brown – several, blue – five, Rozheva – six, black – seven. Each of them has its own place on the table, where the balls are turned after scoring.

A snooker match consists of smaller games, so-called “frames”. The winner of the frame is the snooker player who scores the most points. Obviously, the match is won by the player who has won the most frames of the match.

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